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Louisiana Agriculture Magazine Summer 2018

The summer 2018 issue of Louisiana Agriculture focuses on the LSU AgCenter through its research and extension programs aids in expanding and sustaining agriculture in the state, including the sweet potato industry, which continually introduces better varieties; the agritourism industry, which is well-positioned for growth; and the dairy industry, which has potential for value-added products.

2018 Louisiana Soybean & Grain Research and Promotion Board Report

Pecan Safety: Hot Water Conditioning to Mitigate Microbial Hazards

Pecans have not been associated with any foodborne disease outbreaks, but orchard conditions before and after the harvest indicate there are potential food safety risks. Contamination on in-shell pecans and nutmeats can occur preharvest, at harvest and during postharvest handling and processing. During rainfall, the shucks surrounding pecans get wet along with the nut. The nutrient-rich shucks provide a suitable environment for microbial growth. Salmonella can survive for several weeks, making it one of the favored routes for contamination.

Horticulture Hints FALL 2018

In this issue:

2018 Master Gardener Choice Awards

  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch of Landscape Trees and Woody Ornamentals
  • Checklist for September, October and November
  • Fall Vegetable Gardening
  • Lettuce Get Started in the Garden
  • Tips for Growing Brussels Sprouts
  • Fall Lawns in Louisiana
  • Should You Fertilize in Fall?
  • Do You Need to “Winterize?”
  • Speaking of Soil Tests …
  • Pawpaw and Pomegranate: Two Unusual Fruit Crops for Louisiana
  • How to Take a Soil Sample

Corn Hybrids for Grain 2019

This year, commercial corn seed companies provided 51 hybrids that were entered in the official variety trials. Five hybrid trials were conducted at four AgCenter research stations located throughout the state. Commercial seed companies voluntarily entered and selected the hybrids they wanted to have evaluated by the AgCenter.

Louisiana Agriculture Magazine

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