Since the beginnings of the land-grant system, publications have been one of the most important ways to get research-based educational material to the public. These publications have included one-page fact sheets, brochures, educational materials, documents and even books. Most of our publications are available online, hardcopy or both. Viewers can download documents from our Website or simply read them online. 

You can see a listing of our publications by looking at our catalog. If hard copies of the publication are available, they can be ordered by clicking on the link provided on that page. This site also includes a link to the LSU AgCenter’s quarterly magazine, Louisiana Agriculture and select newsletters.


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What's New

New Publications:

2023 Entomology Newsletter

Pregnancy Determination in Beef Cattle

Landscape Edging Concepts

Installing and Maintaining a French Drain

Aerial Blight of Soybean: Rhizoctonia solani AG1-IA

2023 Cotton Varieties for Louisiana

Synchronization of Estrus in Cattle

The Bovine Estrous Cycle

Economic Value of Prescribed Burning to the Louisiana Sugarcane Industry

Louisiana Super Plants: Peggy Martin Roses

Louisiana Super Plants: Mesa Gaillardia

Louisiana Super Plants: Sorbet Violas

Louisiana Super Plants: ‘Amazon’ Series Dianthus

Louisiana Super Plants: Gulf Coast Muhly Grass

Louisiana Super Plants: Swan Series Columbine

Louisiana Super Plants: Diamonds Blue Delphinium

Louisiana Super Plants: Supertunia Mini Vista Indigo

2020 Louisiana Summary: Agriculture & Natural Resources

Grain Sorghum Hybrids for Grain 2023

2023 Louisiana 4-H Report

Horticulture Hints for Louisiana – Winter 2022

2023 Suggested Chemical Weed Management Guide

2023 Plant Disease Management Guide

2023 Insect Pest Management Guide

Sit Less for Better Health

Corn Hybrids for Grain 2023

Louisiana Harvest of the Month - Crawfish

Handling Seafood at Farmers Markets

Sanitary Design of Equipment for Food Processing

Preventing Cross-contamination While Preparing Food at Farmers Markets

Temperature Danger Zone (40 F - 140 F)

How to Handle Hot Foods at Farmers Markets

Cleaning and Sanitation of Food Contact Surfaces

Handling Fruits and Vegetables at Farmers Markets

How to Handle Meat, Meat Products, and Poultry at Farmers Markets

Handling Eggs and Egg Products at Farmers Markets

Food Safety Tips When Providing Food Samples at Farmers Markets

Best Practices While Selling Products at Farmers Markets

Hygienic Zoning at Processing Facility

2023 Soybean Variety Yields and Production Practices

Louisiana Rice Research Board Annual Report 2023

The Stately Oak

Considerations for Growing Hemp

Best Practices for Landscape Bed Preparation

Best Practices for Pruning Ornamental Trees in the Landscape

Best Practices for Paver Installation

Louisiana Harvest of the Month Coloring Book

Louisiana Agriculture Magazine

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