Publications are an important way to get research-based educational materials to the public as part of the land-grant system. These publications include fact sheets, brochures, educational materials, documents and even books. Most of the LSU AgCenter's publications are available online, via hard copy or both. Viewers can download documents from our website or simply read them online. Others can be purchased through our Online Store. To view our selection, please see the Catalog at the left-hand side of this page.


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What's New

New Publications:

The Basics of Nutrition for Your Livestock Project

The Finishing Stage: Feeding out Livestock Projects After Their Last Show

2023 Highlights of Louisiana Agriculture

Soil Acidity, Liming Materials and Lime Recommendations

Soil Sampling, Testing and Test Interpretation for Fertilizer Recommendations

Mitigating Herbicide Damage to Specialty Crops Series:

Preparing Beef Cattle Operations for Drought

Landscape Ornamental Series: Hand Pruner Selection in the Landscape

Invasive Apple Snail Mitigation

2024 Sugarcane Variety Performance

Educated Horseman - Nutrition Series additions:

Disaster Information Resources: Three-Day Emergency Food Supply

Bovine Anaplasmosis

Sustainable Gardening for School and Home Gardens: Culinary Herbs

Sustainable Gardening for School and Home Gardens: Cut Flowers

Horticulture Hints for Louisiana - Summer 2024

Summer Turfgrass Weed Control

Small-Scale Solar Distillation for Gardeners

Timber Tales: Issue No. 176

The Educated Horseman: Disease Series - Foal Deworming

Periodical Cicadas in Louisiana

Louisiana Harvest of the Month - Herbs

Louisiana Super Plants series additions:

Louisiana Landscape Guide: Colorful Cool-Season Plants for Sunny Areas

2024 Entomology Newsletter

Louisiana Home Lawn Series: Simple Home Irrigation Audit

Using Drought Stress Indicator Plants in the Landscape

Bug Biz Series additions:

Native Grasses for the Landscape series:

FORTIFIED certification series:

Youth Preparedness Initiative lesson plans:

Sugarcane Soil Fertility Recommendations for 2024

2024 Cotton Varieties for Louisiana: Variety Trials and On-Farm Demonstrations

Bug Biz Series additions:

Agricultural Spray Drones

2024 Soybean Variety Yields & Production Practices

Lawn Grass Alternatives - Mondo Grass

The Stately Oak

Grain Sorghum Hybrids for Grain 2024

2024 Rice Varieties & Management Tips

Louisiana Rice Research Board Annual Report 2024

Rainwater Harvesting for Small Nurseries and Home Gardens

Corn Hybrids for Grain 2024

Economic Contribution of Forestry by Parish (Acadia through Winn)

Economic Contribution of Forestry and Forest Products on Louisiana’s Congressional Districts (Districts 1-6)

Louisiana Superior Interiors - Swiss Cheese Plant

Best Management Practices for Biochar Use in Sugarcane

Drought Irrigation Response Tool (DIRT): A Manual

Managing Drought series:

Fighting Inflammation with Food

Soybean Growth Stages and Management Tips

Landscape Ornamental series additions:

Cut Flowers for Farm Production series additions:

Effect of Pruning, Fungicides and a Biocontrol Agent on Fire Blight and Rust Diseases Development in Mayhaw Production

Bug Biz series additions:

2023 Entomology Newsletter

Aerial Blight of Soybean: Rhizoctonia solani AG1-IA

Synchronization of Estrus in Cattle

The Bovine Estrous Cycle

Pregnancy Determination in Beef Cattle

Economic Value of Prescribed Burning to the Louisiana Sugarcane Industry

Louisiana Super Plants series additions:

Management guides:

Sit Less for Better Health

Louisiana Agriculture Magazine

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