Since the beginnings of the land-grant system, publications have been one of the most important ways to get research-based educational material to the public. These publications have included one-page fact sheets, brochures, educational materials, documents and even books. Most of our publications are available online, hardcopy or both. Viewers can download documents from our Website or simply read them online. 

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Wireworms as Pests for Sugarcane

Wireworms are larvae of click beetles (Coleoptera: Elateridae), which are sporadic pests of sugarcane in Louisiana and Florida. It is thought the primary pest species is Melanotus communis, but additional species may also be present. The larvae live in the soil for one to two years, feeding on whatever plant matter is available.

Vegetable Gardening Tips: Watermelon

Watermelons can easily be grown from seed. Purchase fresh seed from a local nursery or order from online garden suppliers or garden magazines. Fresh seed is always best. Discounted seed is usually old and may have poor germination rates.

What is an Air Temperature Inversion?

Many in the agriculture industry have heard the term air temperature inversion, but what is this weather phenomenon that can be so dangerous for pesticide applicators? To ensure compliance with state and federal laws concerning pesticide applications, applicators must fully understand what a temperature inversion is, how it occurs and the effects it can have on spray drift.

Horticulture Hints Winter 2018 (newsletter)

The LSU AgCenter recommends planting Louisiana Super Plants to brighten up your cool-season landscape. Now is the time to plant cool-season color in Louisiana landscapes. Louisiana Super Plants are rigorously tested to ensure a top-quality plant for your home garden.

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