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The Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station operates as the research arm of the LSU AgCenter. Research conducted at 15 experiment stations across Louisiana contributes substantially to economic development in our state. For more than 100 years, research at the station has brought forth new, improved varieties, better cultural practices and improved pest control. Learn more about the research arm of the LSU AgCenter.

The Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station is composed of 10 academic departments, where experiment station scientists conduct research and hold joint teaching appointments in the LSU College of Agriculture, and 15 research stations across Louisiana. The research conducted helps producers provide our nation with the essentials for everyday life, including food, fiber, and fuel.

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Agricultural research in Louisiana is dynamic, and its breadth is extensive. The traditional areas remain the core programs in the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station. These areas are plant variety development, improved animal and plant production, environmentally sound pest management, forest management and wood product development, natural resources conservation and management, food technology and safety, and agricultural economics. However, offshoots of traditional research have led to exciting discoveries in human disease diagnostics and treatment, value-added products for oil drilling operations and recycling technology for contaminated wood products. Learn more.

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