Louisiana Insect Pest Management Guide

This guide was compiled by LSU AgCenter experts and includes regulations, precautions and suggestions for pest control in Louisiana. Detailed topics include drift of pesticides, hazards of pesticides to beneficial insects and wildlife, phytotoxicity and use of beneficial insects to control pest populations. A section on organic gardening also is included.

The 2023 guide is coming soon for purchase in the LSU AgCenter Online Store.

See the pages below for the full guide in PDF format.

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2023 Insect Pest Management Guide – complete book

The Insect Pest Management Guide is issued annually by the LSU AgCenter. Each edition supersedes guides for all prior years. Insecticide recommendations and rates of application listed in this guide are in conformance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency registrations and U.S. Food and Drug Administration tolerances. Each LSU AgCenter Extension Service agent will be notified of updates as labels change. Users of this guide still should read the label on the insecticide container and follow the directions and precautions on the label carefully when using the insecticides recommended in this guide. Some insecticides registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are not included in this guide for a variety of reasons, such as their hazardous nature, lack of availability, inefficient control of pests or higher costs for use.

2023 Louisiana Insect Pest Management Guide - complete book PDF


The Insect Pest Management Guide is issued annually by the LSU AgCenter. Each edition supersedes guides for all prior years.

Introduction PDF

Bees and Wasps

Bees and Wasps PDF

Household Insects

Household Insects PDF

Interior Plants

Interior Plants PDF

Ornamental and Flowering Plants

Ornamental and Flowering Plants PDF

Mosquito Control - Commercial Products

Mosquito Control Products PDF

Rats and Mice

Rats and Mice PDF

Town Ants

Town Ants PDF

Trees (Forest, Shade and Christmas)

Trees PDF

Bacillus thuringiensis applied as a spray

Bacillus thuringiensis PDF

Commercial Applications of Beauveria bassiana

Beauveria bassiana PDF

Insecticidal soap

Insecticidal soap PDF


Pymetrozine PDF


Spirotetramat PDF


Azadirachtin PDF


Flonicmid PDF

Prevent the Movement of Insect Pests by Humans

Prevention of insect movement by humans PDF

Biological Control of Giant Salvinia Using the Salvinia Weevil

Salvinia Biocontrol PDF

Special Notice: Chlorpyrifos Registration Loss

Special Notice: Chlorpyrifos registration loss PDF

Host plant resistance

Host plant resistance PDF

How to Mix Insecticides

How to Mix Insecticides PDF

Insecticide Dilution Tables

Insecticide Dilution Tables PDF

Trade Names Used in Guide

Selected Trade Names PDF

Biological Control of Crapemyrtle Bark Scale

Biological Control of Crapemyrtle Bark Scale PDF

Potential management options for the Roseau cane scale, including biological control via parasitoid wasps

Roseau Cane Scale Parasitoids PDF

Worker Protection Standard (WPS)

Worker protection standards PDF

Insect Identification

Insect Identifications PDF

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