Louisiana Plant Disease Management Guide

This guide contains suggestions for management of the most important or more prevalent diseases of Louisiana plants. It includes information on fungicides, bactericides and nematicides, as well as safety precautions for using them. Special features include:

  • Suggestions for seed treatment of field crops and vegetables
  • Soil fumigants, fungicides and decontaminants for greenhouses
  • Appendix of trade names of fungicides and nematicides used in the guide
  • Names and formulations of fungicides and nematicides used in the guide

The 2023 guide is available for purchase in the LSU AgCenter Online Store.

See the pages below for the full guide in PDF format.

Order Publication 1802

2023 Louisiana Plant Disease Management Guide - Complete Book PDF

2023 Louisiana Plant Disease Management Guide - Complete Book PDF


Contributors PDF


Introduction PDF

Pesticide Safety

Pesticide Safety PDF

Fungicide Resistance Management

Fungicide Resistance PDF

Abbreviations Used in this Guide

Abbreviations PDF

LSU AgCenter Plant Diagnostic Center

The Plant Diagnostic Center PDF

Commercial Crop Production: Fruit and Nut Crops

Apple PDF

Citrus PDF


Mayhaw PDF

Pear PDF


Stone Fruits PDF

Commercial Crop Production: Ornamentals

Ornamental PDF

Commercial Crop Production: Small Fruits

Blackberry PDF

Blueberry PDF

Grape PDF

Strawberry PDF

Commercial Crop Production: Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato PDF

Commercial Crop Production: Trees (Christmas and Conifer)

Christmas Trees and Conifers PDF

Commercial Crop Production: Turfgrass

Turfgrass PDF

Commercial Crop Production: Vegetables

Vegetables PDF

Seed Treatments, In-Furrow Sprays and Granular Fungicide Options

Field Crops PDF

Vegetables PDF

Soil Treatments

Soil Treatments PDF

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