Louisiana Harvest of the Month - Herbs

Crystal Besse, Finney, Celeste H., Wesley, Jacey

Fun Facts:

  • Herbs are considered culinary flavorings that come from the vegetative part of the plant, most often leaves and roots.
  • Herbs have been used in cooking and as health remedies for thousands of years. Herbal seeds have been found dating back as far as 500,000 years ago.
  • Some herbs, such as basil, are planted in vegetable gardens to help deter pests.

Nutrition Facts:

  • Fresh herbs aid in the digestion of food and help eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Cooking with fresh herbs enhances the flavors of food without adding fat, sodium or calorie content.
  • Fresh herbs are nutritious. They have many of the same nutrients and phytochemicals that our favorite green, leafy vegetables contain.
4/18/2024 7:14:55 PM
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