Problematic Louisiana Sugarcane Weed Images

Itchgrass (Rottboellia chochinchinensis), also referred to a raoulgrass, is an erect annual grass that reproduces by seed. Plants are pale-green in color, have short stiff hairs arising from the leaf sheath and leaf blade, and contain prop-roots near the base of the plant. The seed head is pencil-like and jointed. Mature plants may reach 10 feet in height.

045JPGMature itchgrass plants with seeds.

Pencil-like and jointed seed head.

IMG_2484JPGCylindrical seed.

SeedlinJPGSeedling plant with seed attached.

083JPGTillering plant with stiff hairs on leaf sheath.


089JPGMature johnsongrass plants with seed heads.

Seedling johnsongrass.

189JPGLeaves have a prominent white mid-rib.

042JPGRhizome johnsongrass plantlets in early spring.

030JPGMatures johnsongrass seeds.

Spreads by stolons and rhizomes.

Mature plants with seed heads.


Seed heads.

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