Beef & Forage Field Day

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Dean Lee Research and Extension Center Virtual Beef & Forage Field Day

Virtual Field Day presentations include discussions on preconditioning calves, breeding replacement beef heifers, winter weed management, soil fertility, and clover utilization in pastures.

Welcome from Dr. Mike Salassi

Dr. Mike Salassi, Program Leader for Plant & Animal Sciences, welcomes you to the Dean Lee Research and Extension Center's Virtual Beef & Forage Field Day.

Welcome from Dr. Tara Smith

Dr. Tara Smith, Central Region Director, welcomes you to the Dean Lee Research and Extension Center’s Virtual Beef & Forage Field Day.

Volunteer Ryegrass Control in Hay Meadows with Dr. Ron Strahan

Dr. Ron Strahan, Associate Professor, compares the use of Glyphosate, Pastora, and Rezilon for control of volunteer ryegrass in hay meadows.

Clover Utilization in Pastures with Drs. Ed Twidwell and Wink Alison

Drs. Ed Twidwell and Wink Alison, Extension Forage Specialists, explain the utilization of cool season clovers into beef cattle grazing operations.

Preconditioning Calves with Dr. Guillermo Scaglia

Dr. Scaglia, Professor, discusses the benefits and practical application of implementing a preconditioning program for beef calves.

Considerations for Breeding Replacement Beef Heifers with Dr. Ashley Edwards

Dr. Edwards, Assistant Extension Agent and Coordinator, reviews management practices and principles producers may implement when breeding beef heifers.

Understanding the Basics of Soil Fertility with Mr. Vince Deshotel

Vince Deshotel, Extension Agent, explains how soil nutrients and health affect soil fertility and forage production for beef cattle operation.

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