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Cocahoe Supply Fact Sheet

This fact sheet is meant as a guide and provides vending locations for some of the products commonly used in cocahoe production. This section does not specifically endorse any of these products or vendors. Nor is it meant to exclude similar products or vendors. Many of the products many be available from other vendors not specifically mentioned in this fact sheet.

Salt: Make sure to have your water checked to determine what type of salt is best for your system. Also make sure that you choose a salt measuring instrument that is best for your salinity range.

Product Vendor
Crystal Salt Aquaculture Systems Technology
Marine Mix Aquaculture Sys. Tech. /Foster and Smith
Solar Salt Hardware stores
Rock Salt Hardware stores/Some general stores
Instant OceanAmazon/Foster and Smith/Pet Stores
RefractometerFoster and Smith/ Aquatic Eco.
Hydrometer Foster and Smith/Pet Stores

Chlorine neutralizer: If water comes from a municipal source, the chlorine must be neutralized before adding fish. Make sure your chlorine remover will also neutralize chloramine, which is often used in rural water supplies.

Proline Aqua-Coat Aquatic Eco.
Dry AmQuel Plus Aquatic Eco./Fish Farm Supply Co.
ChlorAm-X Reed Mariculture/Aquatic Eco.
Sodium Thiosulfate Aquatic Eco./Western Chemical Inc.

Stress minimizers (during hauling): All of these products are meant to improve water quality and/or fish condition. Make sure to read the labels carefully to choose the product that is right for your needs.

Stress CoatAquatic Eco./Pet Stores/Fosters & Smith
ChlorAm-XReed Mariculture/Aquatic Eco.
Ultimate Water Conditioner Aquatic Eco./Amazon/Pond Supply Stores
General Baitfish Chemicals Southern Aquaculture Supply

Oxygen and water quality test kits: Water testing is important to ensure the health of your fish. Knowing the levels of oxygen, ammonia, nitrites, and other water quality factors are essential. Make sure to select an instrument or test kit that tests for all of the important water quality factors.

Oxygen Test Kits:

Advantages: inexpensive (usually less than $50), sufficiently accurate for management decisions, chemicals have a long shelf life, does not require maintenance, maybe the best economical option on small farms.

Disadvantages: more time is required to take measurement, chemical reagents must be continually replaced (most kits provide chemicals for 30 to 100 measurements).

Oxygen Meters:

Advantages: accurate (when calibrated properly), ease of use, many measurements can be taken quickly, does not require continual purchase of replacement chemicals, maybe the best option on large farms where many measurements must be taken, will last many years if properly cared for and maintained.

Disadvantages: expense ($600-$1,000), requires calibration before use, and requires minor maintenance to keep it operating properly.

LaMotte Saltwater Test Kits
(Model AQ-4 or AQ-5)
Aquatic Eco./LaMotte Company
Water Quality Test Kits & Oxygen Meters Global Water Instr. Inc./ Forestry Supp. Inc.
HACH Saltwater Master Test Kit CHEMetrics Inc.
Water test strips Aquarium/ Pet store
YSI/Oxygen Meter Aquatic Eco./So. Aquaculture Supply

Aeration: Two common methods of aerating water during hauling involve the use of mechanical agitators, compressed oxygen, or both. Oxygen cylinders are available from some industrial gas or welding suppliers. Pressure regulators are needed for oxygen tanks, and flow meters can be installed to adjust oxygen flow rates.

Agitators and Aspirators Aquatic Eco./Amazon/ Foster and Smith
Shearwater Bottom Draw Surface Aerator Aquatic Eco.

Dip nets: Select the proper mesh size and net material for harvest seines and dip nets to avoid injuring fish. Use soft 3/16- inch knotless nylon mesh nets for delicate minnows.

Aquarium Mesh Nets Pet Stores/Foster and Smith
Dip Nets Memphis Net and Twine/Aquatic Eco.

Netting for predaceous birds: This is most effective over pools or small tanks and may be difficult to implement over large ponds. Make sure to choose the mesh size and tensile strength that will best suit your needs.

Predator NettingAquatic Eco.
Bird Barrier Netting Aquaculture Sys. Tech. /Foster and Smith
Predator Netting Memphis Net and Twine

Hauling tanks: Most commercially manufactured hauling tanks are insulated. Urethane foam, plastic foam and corkboard are common insulating materials, but they can also be used with homemade tanks, glued to the outer surface. Tanks should be equipped with an overflow drain to maintain water level and allow agitators to function at the proper operating depth. Another feature is an air vent or scoop to permit air circulation in the space between the water surface and tank top.

Hauling Tank Aquatic Eco.
Hauling TankAquaneering Inc./Reiff Manufacturing

Tanks and Pools: Make sure that when selecting tanks or pools, the material is appropriate for the conditions it will be housed. In general poly tanks are better for indoor use and fiberglass will fare better in outdoor conditions. It is important to check manufacturer specifications before purchasing to ensure that the materials will fit your individual needs.

Fiberglass Tanks/PoolsAquatic Eco.
Tanks and Raceways Red Ewald, Inc./AREA Inc.
Plastic Poly Tanks Aquatic Eco./Polytank Inc.

Larval feed: Newly hatched larvae have shown the best growth on these two feeds. Brine shrimp nauplii are the most nutritious and are easily accessible, but require specific storing conditions and hatching apparatus. Otohime A is a successful alternative that does not have such stringent requirements.

Brine Shrimp Eggs Brine Shrimp Direct/Pet Stores
Otohime AReed Mariculture

Feed: These are some of the vendors that offer varying types of aquaculture feed, make sure to select the feed that best suits the needs of your fish at their particular life stage(s).

Cargill Zeigler
(800) 928-2782 (717) 677-6181
(985) 839-3400(800) 841-6800
1012 Pearl St.P.O. Box 95
Franklinton, LA 70438Gardners, PA 17324
Rangen Inc. Silver Cup Fish Feed
(800) 657-6446(800) 521-9092
115 13th Ave South P.O. Box 57428
Buhl, ID 83316 Murray, Utah 84157

Spawning Mats: Spawning mat material can either be sold by the roll or in individual sections depending on your operation and scale needs.

Spawntex® MatsBlocksome& Co./Aquatic Eco.
PVC and Coated WireLocal Hardware stores

Pond fertilizer: The fertilizer can be any organic or inorganic fertilizer. Rice bran can also be used.

12-12-12 Fertilizer Local lawn and garden or hardware store
Rice BranLocal feed or hardware stores
Chicken Manure Local lawn and garden or hardware store

Vendor Contact Information

Aquaculture Systems TechnologyAquatic Eco-Systems
(504) 837-5575 (877) 347-4788
(800) 939-3659 2395 Apopka Blvd. Suite 100
108 Industrial Ave. Apopka, FL 32703
New Orleans, LA
Fish Farm Supply Co. Kent Marine
116 Bonnie Cres5401 West Oakwood Park Drive
Elmira, ON N3B 3J8Franklin, WI 53132
Western Chemical Inc. Reed Mariculture Inc.
800-283-5292 877-Seafarm (877-732-3276)
1269 Lattimore Road 871 East Hamilton Ave, Suite #D
Ferndale, WA 98248 Campbell, CA 95008
Southern Aquaculture SupplyLaMotte Company
800-850-7274P.O. Box 329
931 Saint Mary’s Street802 Washington Ave.
Lake Village, AR 71653 Charlestown, MD 21620
Global Water IncForestry Suppliers, Inc.
PO Box 9010 205 West Rankin Street
151 Graham RdP.O. Box 8397
College Station, TX 77842 Jackson, MS 39284-8397
CHEMetricsReiff Manufacturing
7960 Stromesa Court 670 B Street
San Diego, California 92126 Walla Walla, WA. 99362
Red Ewald, Inc. AREA Inc.
P.O. Box 519P.O. Box 901303
Karnes City, TX 78118Homestead, FL 33090
PolyTank, Inc. Brine Shrimp Direct
62824 250th Street P.O. Box 3044
Litchfield, MN 55355 Ogden, UT 84409
Drs. Foster and Smith Amazon
2253 Air Park Road,
P.O. Box 100
Rhinelander, Wisconsin 54501
Blocksome & Co
P.O. Box 2007
450 St. John Road Suite 710
Michigan City, IN 46361
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