Cocahoe Predators

Stephanie Grodeska  |  11/2/2016 9:19:40 PM

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Eggs, Larvae, and Juveniles

Predaceous aquatic insects such as diving beetles, water scorpions, and water boatmen are common predators to fish eggs and larvae. In addition, larger cocahoes and other fish will feed on smaller cocahoes so grading of different sized batches is critical.

Ways to minimize threat:

• Ponds and Pools: Hatching ponds and pools should be treated to kill predaceous insects before stocking with eggs.

• Before filling and stocking, any wild fish should also be excluded from the ponds and pools by using a fine mesh material (800 micron or 0.03 inch) to cover the water supply pipe.

Market Size and Broodfish

In ponds, avian predators such as cormorants, pelicans, and egrets are huge predators of fish. Raccoons, snakes and turtles are also predators of larger fish and can easily access ponds. Raccoons can swipe at fish from the pond edge or wade into shallow areas; this makes small ponds more vulnerable.

Ways to minimize threat:

• Use predator barrier netting to exclude predatory birds from the ponds and pools.

• Relocate snakes and turtles from cocahoe ponds.

• Avoid ponds that are very shallow or use netting around the edge to discourage raccoons.

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