Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluations

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Breeding soundness evaluations (BSE) are an essential part of a beef producer’s overall management plan and key to high conception rates, calving rates and weaning rates. Performing BSEs on herd bulls is a sound investment for beef cow-calf operations. It has been shown that for every dollar spent on the exam the producer will receive approximately $7.00 return on their investment.

A BSE is a uniform method of assessing a bull’s likelihood of accomplishing pregnancy in an appropriate number of open, healthy, cycling cows or heifers in a defined breeding season.A veterinarian should perform the BSE 30-60 days prior to the start of the breeding season to leave enough time to replace bulls that do not pass the BSE. Bulls should be tested each year because passing a BSE one year does not guarantee passing the next.

See the fact sheet for more details.

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