Large swelling in front of right shoulder in horse with anthrax.

This cow, suffering from swelling under jaw and along abdomen, received penicillin treatment and is recovering from anthrax.

Anthrax killed cattle and horses in this pasture.

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What is anthrax?

Anthrax, often called “charbon,” is a fatal, infectious disease of all warm-blooded animals, including people. Anthrax is a reportable disease that often occurs on many farms simultaneously. Prompt diagnosis is essential for alerting livestock and horse owners of the need for protective action.

History of anthrax in Louisiana

Anthrax has been recognized as an important disease of livestock in Louisiana for more than 200 years. Soon after the French arrived, anthrax was observed in deer in the salt marshes west of the mouth of the Mississippi River. The disease has occurred sporadically in coastal pastures of Louisiana... See full Text

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