How to Take a Self-Guided Tour of the Model School/Childrens Garden at Burden Center

Kathryn Fontenot  |  12/4/2012 9:27:42 AM


Are you coming for a self-guided visit to the garden, but want more direction? Register to use our backpack activities. Twenty backpacks full of materials and supplies are ready for your use as you lead your own fun, interactive and educational visit.

The backpacks have been developed to meet the Louisiana Grade Level Expectations for math, science and social studies at the fourth-grade level. A teacher’s guide or lesson plan can be downloaded from this site prior to your visit.

Please fill out the registration form and mail or email it to Dr. Pam Hodson to schedule your date. For more information you may also call 225-763-3990.

A total of 20 backpacks are available for use and have enough materials in each for up to two students to complete the activity while in the garden. So a maximum of 40 students can take part in a self-guided tour if students are willing to share backpacks.

If 20 or fewer students are attending the self-guided tour, students may work individually or on teams distinguished by vegetable group. There are five corn backpacks, five tomato backpacks,  five pepper backpacks and five carrot backpacks. It might be fun to separate students into teams and have them compete with one another as they complete the activities.

We hope you'll come and enjoy the garden space but also use it as a learning tool!

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