Azalea Varieties for Louisiana Infograph

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Azaleas, the major ornamental plants in Louisiana’s residential and commercial landscapes, are available in many flower colors, growth habits and foliage characteristics. This infograph coveries the various varieties for Louisiana gardens.

Indian Azaleas

The most common azaleas grown in Louisiana are Indian azaleas. An average mature height is 6 ft x 6 ft unpruned can reach 10 ft. Flowers of Indian azaleas are usually 2 to 3 1/2 inches across.

  • Southern Charm Large, rosy-pink flowers. Vigorous grower.
  • Pride of Mobile Watermelon-red flowers. Vigorous grower. Mid-season flowering.
  • President Clay Orange-red flowers. Vigorous, upright growth. Smaller flowers than other Indian varieties.
  • Formosa Magenta flowers. Most popular azalea.
  • George L. Tabor Bluish-pink flowers. Mid-season flowering.
  • Mrs. G.G. Gerbing Large white flowers. Spreading growth habit.
  • Daphne Salmon Salmon pink flowers. Mid-season flowering.
  • Fielder's White Mid-season flowering.
  • Formosa Red Also called Dixie Beauty.
  • Judge Solomon Rosy-pink flowers. Similar to Formosa.

Dwarf Azaleas (Kurume)

They reach heights of 4 to 6 ft, but normally don't reach this size. A more normal size is 3 ft. Flowers are usually 1 1/2 to 2 inches across.

  • Christmas Cheer Bright red flowers. Compact growth. Mid-season flowering.
  • Snow White flowers. Compact growth habit. Persistent flowering. Mid-season flowering.
  • Coral Bells Very popular variety. Shell-pink flowers. Early mid-season flowering.
  • Hershey's Red Bright red flowers. Double flowers. Heavy bloomer. Mid-season flowering.
  • Judge Solomon Rosy-pink flowers. Similar to Formosa.
  • H.H. Hume Bright carmine-red flowers. Low growth habit. Mid-season flowering.
  • Hinodegiri Carmine-red flowers. Low, mounding growth habit. Mid-season flowering.

Satsuki Hybrids (and Related Varieties)

The satsuki hybrid azaleas flower later in the spring season, usually April and May. Later than Indian and Dwarf azaleas.

  • Gyokushin Large, white flowers with pink center. Excellent foliage. Low, compact growth.
  • Hardy Gardenia Linwood azalea. White, gardenia-like flowers. Low, spreading growth. Great white flowering azalea.
  • White Gumpo White flowers. Very late flowering. Low, compact growth habit.
  • Red Gumpo Red flowers. Later blooming. Low, compact growth habit.
  • Pink Macrantha Large, pink flower. Reddish foliage. Old flowers stay on plant.
  • Pink Gumpo Large, rosy pink flowers. Small foliage. Low, dense growth habit.

Other Popular Azalea Groups

  • Glenn Dale hybrids Popular Glenn Dale hybrids include Allure (rosy-pink flowers), Copperman (orange-red flowers), and Fashion (salmon to orange-red flowers).
  • Carla hybrids Popular Carla varieties are Carror (semi-double rose pink flowers), and Sunglow (bright red flowers).
  • Girard hybrids Popular Girard hybrids are Hot Shot (orange-red flowers), Sandra Ann (purple flowers), and Unsurpassable (red flowers).
  • Robin Hills Sir Robert is a popular Robin Hill variety. Its flowers range from white to pink. The most popular Robin Hill variety is Watchet. Watchet produces large 3 1/2-inch flowers that are clear pink and ruffled. Plants are compact and spreading.
  • Encore Debuted in the late 1990s, Encores are the only patented brand of azaleas to bloom in spring, late summer and fall. Some 23 varieties are now available in a number of different colors.
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