Newest Cultivars of Vegetable Crops

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Catalog reviewing is worth the time.

These cultivars were some of those added to last year’s 2008 LSU AgCenter Louisiana Vegetable Planting Guide. They should do well throughout most of the Deep South.

Bush Snap Beans:

Festina – Very dark green pod with white seed. Tender pods sit high for easy picking.

Magnum – A 7” Kentucky Wonder-type with brown seeds in a flat pod. High yielding.

Hialeah -- High-yielding, upright plant that tolerates stress. Medium green pods pull easily.


Gypsy – Newly released for 2008. Produces a medium, tight head with early production. Good production for warmer regions.


Flash – Early hybrid Vates type that is very slow bolting.

Top Pick – A little earlier hybrid than Flash, but more like a Georgia type.


Savannah – Early-maturing hybrid of the broadleaf tendergreen type. Slow to bolt.

Green Wave – Large, upright plant with spicy southern curled leaves.


Fairy Tale – New for 2008, it is the first All-America Selection eggplant in 40 years. Dwarf plants produce early slender 5” fruit that are lavender in color. May be grown in pots.

Bell pepper:

Aristotle, Excursion II, Plato – All thick-flesh, blocky, green peppers. Aristotle has very large fruit.

Paladin – Thick, large and blocky shaped with phytophthora root rot resistance.

Valencia – Early-producing, thick fruit that starts off green and fully matures into orange.


Bella Rosa – large fruit, determinate vine with spotted wilt resistance.

Phoenix and BHN-216 – Large and very large fruit, respectively, and both determinates set well in the hot season.

Mountain Crest – Very large, crack-resistant fruit on determinate vines that easily release fruit.

Navidad – An early, sweet grape tomato on determinate vines.

These are just some of the many cultivars recommended in the Louisiana Vegetable Planting Guide, Publication 1980, from the LSU AgCenter. For additional information, please visit the Lawn and Garden, Home Gardening, and Vegetables sections of the LSU AgCenter Web site

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