Expected Vegetable Garden Yields

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Expected yields from a good Southern vegetable garden will vary with seasons, care, soils, pest pressures and cultivars. Some generalized estimates can help plan the planting scheme for the garden or predict its potential.

The crops selected have some historic yield data or commercial average yield figures from Louisiana and the Deep South. Some have been based on average recommended plant populations less 10% loss of stand due to chance or whatever. Yields are given as per 100-foot rows in a home garden. Rows are expected to be at least from 36 to 42 inches apart, thus we may say there are about 130 rows of 100 feet long in an acre (125 to 145). If a per-acre yield is known, then dividing it by about 130 would give a yield per 100 feet of row not allowing for skip rows, etc.

If you only have a 50-foot row of a crop, cut the posted yield in half. If you only have a 10-foot row, then use 1/10th of the posted yield for a crop. Gardeners may keep some crops going much longer and surpass these average yields or also harvest smaller or less desirable produce and surpass these yields.

Expected Crop Yields per 100 feet of row

Lima Bean – Bush: 1 bushel shelled (32 lbs.)

Lima Bean – Pole: 2 bushel (32 lbs.)

Snap Bean – Bush: 1.5 bushel (30lbs.)

Snap Bean – Pole: 2 bushel (30lbs.)

Beets: 100 lbs.

Broccoli: 70 heads

Cabbage: 85 heads

Cantaloupe: 120 melons

Carrots: 150 lbs.

Cauliflower: 60 heads

Chinese Cabbage: 100 heads

Collards: 175 lbs.

Corn: 120 ears

Cucumber: 170 lbs.

Eggplants: 150 lbs.

Garlic: 350 heads

Kohlrabi: 75 lbs.

Lettuce: 100 heads

Mustard: 100 bunches

Okra: 175 lbs.( 6 bu. 30 lbs.)

Onions (dry): 220 lbs.

Peas (southern): 20 lbs. shelled

Peas (English): 40 lbs.

Pea (snow): 65 lbs.

Pepper (bell): 125 lbs.

Pepper (cubanelle): 200 lbs.

Potato, Irish: 200 lbs.

Potato, sweet: 200 lbs.

Pumpkin: 150 lbs.

Radish: 30 lbs.

Rutabaga: 90 lbs.

Shallot (green): 350 bunches

Spinach: 40 lbs.

Squash (summer): 80 lbs.

Squash (winter): 150 lbs.

Strawberries: 170 lbs.

Tomatoes: 250 lbs.

Tomatoes (cherry): 450 lbs.

Turnips: 100 bunches

Watermelons (20 lbs. each): 20 melons

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