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The Louisiana Home Lawn Series: A guide to maintaining a healthy Louisiana lawn is a practical turfgrass management resource for Louisiana residents. This series provides simple and informative fact sheets covering various topics applicable to homeowners managing a turfgrass lawn. Search these topics to find the answers and solutions to common turf questions.

Turfgrass identificationpngTurfgrass Species Identification

Turfgrass management begins with knowing what turfgrass species is growing in a lawn. There are several turfgrass species commonly grown in Louisiana. View these topics to learn how to identify and manage specific turfgrass species.

Management Practices png

Management Practices

Implementing the correct management practices allows one to maintain a healthy lawn and also helps turfgrasses tolerate or recover from environmental stresses and pest injuries. Review these topics for information on basic practices from aerification to mowing height to create a lawn care maintenance routine.

Soils and Soil Fertilitypng

Soils and Soil Fertility

Turfgrass growth depends on the soil in which it is growing. Understanding soil characteristics and fertility will help address issues such as nutrient deficiencies or pH adjustment that may arise in a home lawn. Review these topics for information on soils from how to collect a soil sample to how to properly fertilize a lawn.

Turfgrass Weedspng


Turfgrass weeds are considered any undesirable plant species growing in the lawn. The first step to weed management is identification. Correctly identifying a weed is useful because the presence of certain weeds can indicate current or potential lawn issues such as drainage or soil compaction. View these topics to learn about the most common weeds growing in home lawns across Louisiana.

Turfgrass Insects and Other Pestspng

Insects and Other Pests

Louisiana’s climate is suitable for many turfgrass insects and pests. If you notice signs of poor turfgrass health, it may be the presence of insect pests causing the problem. View these insects and pests commonly found in turfgrass lawns in Louisiana to learn the recommended management options.

Turfgrass Diseasespng


When irregular, discolored patches are observed in the lawn, a turfgrass disease may be the cause. View these topics and photos for information on the most common turfgrass diseases in Louisiana and the recommended management options.

Extension Personnelpng

Ask an Expert

Contact a statewide extension specialist or find an agent local to your area to ask more questions.

Plant diagnosticPNGTesting Laboratories and Services

The LSU AgCenter provides a range of labs available to serve the public. Whether it’s testing soil fertility or diagnosing a plant disease, these services provide recommendations to homeowners regarding how to properly manage issues in the home lawn.


Pesticide Safety Education and Training

The LSU AgCenter's Office of Pesticide Safety Education offers training sessions certified by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry for individuals who wish to become a certified private pesticide applicator.

National Regional and Local Groupspng

Turfgrass Groups and Associations

Join a local, regional or national turfgrass organization to stay up to date with latest research and developments within the industry.

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