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This packet is designed to help you learn more about 4-H in Louisiana, and to help your club’s 4-H members have a positive experience in their 4-H Club. Please realize that there are many opportunities for you to further your development as a volunteer through online, parish, regional, state and national trainings. It is our hope that this document will assist 4-H staff and school/key leaders in their efforts to expand the number of youth involved in 4-H Clubs in Louisiana’s communities, as well as expand our efforts to improve the effectiveness of existing clubs.

The Purpose Of This Publication Is To:

·Outline the role and structure of 4-H school clubs in Louisiana 4-H Youth Development.

·Establish a common understanding of the definitions, measures and outcomes of 4-H school clubs.

·Develop recommendations for action steps that can be taken to strengthen, support and expand 4-H school club programming in parishes.

·Provide guidelines and common expectations for volunteers and staff.

Use this publication as a framework for developing a school club program that best meets the needs of the communities.

Step-by-step instructions and sample agendas should be considered guidelines and not the only method for starting and supporting 4-H Clubs in your school.

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