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Louisiana 4-H relies on volunteers to support and provide leadership to their programs.
The experience offers satisfaction, the opportunity to meet and work with others, the chance to grow your skills, and fun. Learn more.

LSU Collegiate 4-H
Hall of Fame
Abbott, W.C. Sr. Andre', Josephine Cashio Andrews, John Andrews, Pat Bagent, Jack Bailes, Thad Baronet, Joseph Baudoin, James Beier, Dr. Katherine Bishop, Crawford Alexander Bolding, Joanne Bonner, Mark Jr. Bordelon, Carolyn Borne, Madge Boudreaux, Carroll Brackin, A.J. Bridges, Harriet Broussard, Emma Dell Broussard, Johnny Bruce, Beverly Brumley, Sandra Bulot, Brenda Burton, William T. Butler, Sue By Parish By Year Castille, Elsie Castille, Fran Cestia, Burton Charpentier, Carroll Chatagnier, Sharon Chauvin, Anne Colson, Kathy Coulon, Kermit Culpepper, Bobby Daniel, Austin Dawson, Beth Langlois Dillard, Jack Dill, Charles Sr. Doughty, Albert Duhe, Diana Farmer, Sheila Farrar, Lynn Faulk, Jeffrey J. Sr. Faul, Terril Fawcett, George I. Fields, Elvadus Fletcher, Bobby Sr. Fletcher, Randall Flowers, Charles Lesley "C.L." Fontenot, Sharon Ford, Beryl Magee Foreman, Virgie Franks, Linda Lee Freshwater, William Fuselier, Charles Gauthier, Conrad Gilmore, Wayne Guidry, Joel Guidry, John C. Guidry, Loretta Hains, John E. Hale, Nannie Gardner Hambrice, Bernie Hargis, Rick Hebert, Gary J. Hebert, Richard D. Hightower, Laverne D. Hoang, Lan Hoffpauir, Robert R. Holden, Melvin "Kip" Jones, Delos Jones, Stella Karl, Donna Beth Adams Keene, Ann Keene, C.L. Kilpatrick, Kate Labat, Rena Lacombe, Judia Lamendola, Stanley Landry, Dalton Lang, Carolyn Langlinais, Ann LeBouef, Calvin A. LeJeune, Alice Letlow, Elliot E. Lognion, Lou Ella Lorenz, Mable Yvonne Lowe, Jon V. Manuel, Jill Marceaux, Nancy Mayfield, Marleen May, Johnny McCrory, Joan McMahon, Mary Miller, Charles Miller, Lina Ruth Miller, Ruby Miller, William Ulrich Miranda, Pete Mitchell, Jean E. Mitchell, Michelle Price Mouch, Louis Jr. Naquin, C.J. Nettles, Nancy Nutt, Billy Olinde, Maxine O' Sullivan, Clara Paul, Adella Peloquin, Durell, Sr. Phillips, Carolyn Reber Poe, Mary Potier, Lola D. Powell, Joe Don Querrey, Bill Ramagos, Cecil Sr. Ramagos Jr., Cecil Rambo, Willard Richard, Catherine Rivere, Enaux Roberts, H.P. "Sleepy" Roberts, Norma Rodrigue, Stephanie Rodriguez, Raphael "Pookie" Roy, Victor Leander Sr. Russell, Patricia Russell, Willie Waggoner Jr. Samson, Clayton Matthew Sarver, Nancy R. Scott, Tom Segura, Catherine Severance, Charles E. Shehee, Virginia Kilpatrick Shipp, Jim Shirley, Calvin Stewart Simoneaux, George Slaughter, Mansel Snowden, Idell W. Sorenson, Margaret Lass Stamper, John Steinbach, Albert H. Stelly, Otis J. Sr. Strong, Mattie Rae Stutes, Randy Sullivan, Rose Mary Swoope Jr., Lafayette Fearn Templet, James Thiels, Jimbo Thomas, Sally Tomeny, Robbie Wintz Turner, Denise Vidrine, Adrianne Walker, Rufus Walters, Joe T. Jr. Williams, Ivory Lee Williams, Mary McKee Williams, Wayne Winston, S.L.
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Louisiana 4-H Volunteer Impact Log

For more than 100 years, 4-H has been empowering youth to speak through action and helping them develop the skills they need to lead the communities of tomorrow.

You can help spark change and make a positive difference in the lives of thousands of Louisiana children, as well as support your community. Learn ways you can serve with Louisiana 4-H.

Events and Important Dates

Regional 4-H Volunteer Conversations

  • 01/26, 04/27, 07/27, 11/30 - Virtual via Zoom (co-hosted by Arkansas). Link to register.

Monthly Volunteer Leader Webinar

  • Every third Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm CST via Microsoft Teams. Link to register.

Master Volunteer Portfolios and Volunteer Awards Due

Master Volunteer In-person & Virtual Workshop

Louisiana 4-H Volunteer Conference

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