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What is Stand Strong?

Stand Strong: Creating a Culture of Caring is a curriculum designed for youth grades 5th- 8th. The curriculum should be used in classrooms, club meetings and/or after school enrichment settings, and is designed to be facilitated by instructors (teachers, 4-H agents, volunteers, etc.). It consists of three units that allow participants to become more aware of the forms of bullying and that provide strategies for managing anger, resolving conflicts, and forming healthy relationships.


School should be a safe place where students learn social and emotional skills as well as academic lessons. With this curriculum, students can learn that bullying is an unacceptable behavior and what to do if they are bullied or if they witness bullying. In addition, the ideas and strategies utilized in this curriculum can easily be embedded into other core subject-matter curriculum. This curriculum will definitely create awareness, but it should not stop there. Effective bullying prevention happens when everyone is on the same page and implementing supporting strategies to create a safe, caring environment for students.

About the curriculum:

    • 11 educational lessons
    • Real life examples
    • Social and emotional learning strategies
    • Creating a culture of caring
    • Advocacy in action
    • Available in digital and print format
    • Includes a 20 item pre- and post- evaluation

    Unit Overviews

    Unit 1: Awareness & Cyberbullying

    Participants will become aware of bullying, learn the forms of bullying, learn the roles individuals play in bullying, and learn how to cope with bullying.

    Unit 2: Self- Management

    Participants will learn how to manage their anger, resolve conflicts, create positive relationships with peers, and improve their communication skills, including providing clear instructions and feedback, asking good questions and listening effectively.

    Unit 3: Collective Responsibility

    Participants will learn how to create a sense of belonging, learn how to stand up to bullying and learn that everyone has a collective responsibility to make their surroundings better.

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