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The Louisiana 4-H Living Your Financial Experience Program is a research-based experiential learning program that is designed to support Louisiana schools in efforts to provide financial education for students across the state. Throughout the experience, students will delve into the economics of consumer decision–making, practice strategies to achieve financial independence and sharpen their life skills in the process. The program challenges students to identify needs versus wants, set goals, practice budgeting and navigate LYFE- sized challenges. It also provides opportunities to engage local community members and industry partners in the learning process.

6 Educational Lessons + 1 Simulation

1. En Route to Your Dreams [Goal Setting]

1.5 The Bare Necessities [Needs vs. Wants]

2. It’s Pay Day [Pay Stub Interpretation]

2.5 Insurance Intervention [Insurance 101]

3. Banking Basics [Basic Banking Skills]

4. Saving so Pigs Can Fly [Saving Strategies]

5. Stacking Your Benjamins [Budgeting]

6. Hitting that ‘Repay’ Button [Credit]

For more information, contact your local 4-H Extension Agent, or 4-H College & Career Readiness Specialist Christina Hebert at

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