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Wetland Wednesdays is a product of the Louisiana 4-H Youth Wetlands Program and its partner network to help provide fun and educational activities to youth.

This page serves as a repository of the Wetland Wednesdays programming, and is free to use.

Become a wetlands protector in this week's activity. By picking up and quantifying litter, you can learn how to better protect our precious wetlands!

Wetland Wednesday - Wetland Protectors.pdf

Learn to build a simple dip-net with items around the house in order to explore your pond!

Wetland Wednesday - Pond Explorers.pdf

In this Wetland Wednesday, we'll show how you can collect macroinvertebrates to help determine water pollution levels in your area!

Wetland Wednesday - What is the Health of Your Pond

With just a few common household items, you can build your own wetlands model and see how wetlands act as natural filters for our water!

Wetland Wednesday - Build A Wetlands Water Filter

For this Wetland Wednesday, join Garrett Gauthier, a Louisiana 4-H Wetland Ambassador, on a brief nature walk to learn about some of the common native plants and invasive plants found in Louisiana's wetlands. Then, you use the activity and leaf guide below to go on your own nature walk and make leaf rubbings!

Wetland Wednesday - Make Your Own Wetlands Leaf Rubbings

Wetlands Leaf Guide

There are different types of wetlands, and salinity is a big factor that determines what each looks like. In this activity, you'll investigate if you can detect changes in salinity.

Wetland Wednesday - Wetlands Taste Test

In this Wetland Wednesday, discover why some animals seem to be made to live in the wetlands!

Wetland Wednesday - Wetlands Animal Adaptations

Learn how the ocean is becoming more acidic and how you can observe the effects of its rising acidity on seashells by doing an at-home activity.

Wetland Wednesday - Ocean Acidification

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