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Since 2007, the Youth Wetlands Program has provided educational programming, materials, and service-learning opportunities to Louisiana's youth. Our goal is to foster understanding about the complexities and consequences of wetland loss, and empower students to act as stewards and ambassadors of Louisiana's natural resources. The Youth Wetlands Program is provided by Louisiana 4-H Youth Development in partnership with the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.

Lessons and Activities

Our program develops and provides lessons aligned with Louisiana Student Standards for Science and BSCS's 5E Instructional Model for grades 4-12. Recognizing the need to provide timely updates to lesson content in order to stay current with educational standards, the program is developing an online lesson delivery platform that will launch during the 2019 - 2020 school year. This exciting new system will provide greater access to resources across the state, integrate learning progression feedback, and allow for teachers to view and track student data.

Service Learning

We believe that knowing and doing are intimately related, and support a variety of efforts that give youth opportunities to engage in hands-on experiences that help develop their knowledge, skills, and attitudes about Louisiana's wetlands. The Youth Wetlands Program works to realize its vision through organizing restoration projects, developing programming for 4-H overnight camps, Marsh Maneuvers, and the Wetlands Ambassador Team.

Meet the Staff

Brian Gautreau
Program Director


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Catherine Fox
Extension Associate



Mark Shirley
Marine Agent, Louisiana Sea Grant


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