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Lesson Examples:

Did you Know?

  • Understanding truth around youth substance use.

Learning to Say No!

  • Best practices in managing peer pressure.

Who's In Control?

  • Recognizing the influence of family, peers and the media.

Don't Get Dragged Down

  • Predicting the consequences of substance abuse.

Stress Weighing You Down?

  • Stress management practices.

Sharing it with the Community

  • Promoting citizenship involvement.

Health Rocks! serves to reduce tobacco, alcohol and drug use in youth.

10 high quality lessons are available for 6-8th grade students. This curriculum is full of ready-made, hands-on lessons. In addition to education on prevention of tobacco, alcohol and drug use; youth are taught life- skill development and decision making.

Virtual options are now available!

*Program materials will be provided at no cost to registered educators*

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