Community Service-Learning Need Assessment Situations

4-H members can make a world of difference

These situations are designed to provide an opportunity for you to think about and design effective service-learning projects to addresses the needs outlined in the situations.

Situation #1

A child at school became very ill and was hospitalized for several months at the local hospital. While the child was there, teachers, and friends visited the child but noticed how dreary the hospital was. The walls were white. Few children’s books were in the waiting room, and no play area for patients with toys or any type of crafts were available. While the child was in the hospital, the teachers realized the fear that many of their students had of going to the hospital. 

Situation #2

The town you live in has no park for kids to play in or school groups to visit and no walking path for citizens in the area. A man in the community is willing to donate 10 acres of land that adjoins the school property if a group provides a plan of how to utilize it. The land is part wooded, part open field and has a stream running through it.

Situation #3

Students in one school became aware of the huge amount of time youth spend in front of a T.V. They recorded the amount of violence that was witnessed during T.V. programming and also became aware of the small amount of time youth spent exercising or outside playing. They also learned about how the lack of exercise affects children’s health and weight.

Situation #4

Cindy’s grandmother recently went to live at the local senior citizens center. When she goes to visit her grandmother, Cindy notices that many residents rarely have visitors. But they love to talk, and many of them don’t have any trouble moving around, so she really doesn’t know why they are there. The center also has expressed a desire to become more involved in the school. Some land beside the center is open and available for use, and a pond nearby is stocked with fish. She also noticed that the community area where her grandmother eats is not very pretty. She asked her friend Robin to go with her one day to visit, but Robin was scared to go

Situation #5

In the community where you live, 43% of the children live in homes with only one parent and 52% of the children are a part of a divorced family. Many children go home to empty houses. Poor grades and discipline issues are a constant problem at school. A local church has purchased a large abandoned building that is available for some use.

Situation #6

Tommy is so excited to have his driver’s license. He and his friends have driven EVERYWHERE in the city, including lots of places that his Mom surely never drove through. In one area he and his friends have noticed lots of homeless people and a long line in front of a shelter that provides meals. Most of the kids look pretty thin, and he wonders if the kids are hungry. It really made him thankful when he saw a bunch of children playing “kick the can.” Tommy and his friends want to make a difference.

Situation #7

The Parish Humane Society has a shelter on property that they do not own. The property was sold about 4 months ago. The new owners served notice to the Humane Society that all the pets located on the property must be removed within 90 days! The shelter has no other location to move these pets to. They are in desperate need of new families and/or rescue groups coming to their aid by adopting the pets or providing a new facility. The shelter has trained personnel to operate the shelter.

Situation #8

Several immigrant families have moved into the area. Two teachers notice that the children aren’t being accepted very well. While some students seemed intrigued by these new students, others made fun of their appearance, language and customs.

Situation #9

The local school doesn’t have a practice field or a football field; however, land, equipment and resource people are available. Is there any way to become involved and help this situation?

Situation #10

Hunting is one of the most popular activities in your parish, and the parish has a large Outdoor Skills project club. Almost all the members have ATVs. The U.S Forest Service has a problem with ATVs destroying trails. There is money available for education.

Situation #11

There have been caution signs on the area lake for fishing in the lake. The Department of Environmental Quality needs people to do stream monitoring to discover where pollutants are coming from since there are several bayous feeding into the lake.

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