Why Join 4-H

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Louisiana 4-H provides opportunities for youth from all backgrounds and interest to become a member and learn and grow through hands-one experiences. Any youth from the age of 9 years of age (before January 1st of the current 4-H year) can be a member. Youth can participate as long as they have not passed their 20th birthday on January 1. Because of our diverse age range, 4-H has lots of opportunities and experiences for all ages of youth to participate in.

To join 4-H, contact parish 4-H Office in which you live and/or go to school in.

4-H provides several ways that youth can participate, even your little brother and sister who is younger than 9 years old can participate. Check the various ways of becoming a 4-H member below!

  • Cloverbud Program is for kids in grades Kindergarten to 3rd grades. Cloverbuds is designed to allow younger youth to participate in age appropriate, non-competitive experiences through 4-H. To see if your parish offers a 4-H Cloverbud experience contact your 4-H Office.
  • 4-H Club membership are groups of of young people who meet monthly to learn about a particular subject, work on a project, perform community service, develop leadership skills and work together. Guided by one or more adult volunteer, a club can have any number of members from a school, a neighborhood, or parish.
  • Independent 4-H members participate in planned learning outside of a club setting which is self-directed with leadership and support from parents and/or mentors.

Engaging Youth

4-H youth development emphasizes three core areas.

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Building Relationships

Today includes 6 million youth members supported by 500,000 volunteers. It provides participants with an opportunity to develop a strong, positive relationship with adults while engaging in meaningful activities.

Initiating Partnerships

Public partnerships that advance the field of youth development and enrich the programs delivered to youth.

Click below to find out how to join a 4-H club near you!

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Fun Facts

4-H Pledge

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4-H Slogan

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4-H Motto

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4-H Emblem

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Innovate . Educate . Improve Lives

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