4-H University

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Louisiana 4-H members will compete for best in the state in more than 40 events ranging from plant identification, photography, and computer simulation to speech making and fashion design. In addition, almost 300 students will take part in the noncompetitive learning event called Clover College, which includes seven hours of instruction over the three days.

During 4-H U, participants will be introduced to aspects of life that college students experience on an everyday basis. Students will tour a working dairy, a biomedical center, and athletic facilities. Students will also get to see how college students live during the week by residing in campus dormitories, eating at campus dining halls and even going through the rigors of scheduling classes.

4-H members who were 13 years old before January 1 are eligible to attend 4-H University to be held on the campus of LSU in Baton Rouge.

4-H U gives you the opportunity to meet 4-H members from throughout the state and compete for trips and prizes through a variety of project-area contests.

For more information, contact your local parish 4-H agent.

An opportunity to explore the world of health professionals, make a video and support military youth, investigate forensics, learn financial management, bring out the actor in you, be a fashion expert, test your healthy decision-making skills are all noncompetitive tracks offered at 4-H University in Clover College. A total of 7 hours of interactive and fun presentations on these topics. Presenters will include LSU faculty, LSU AgCenter faculty and special guests from around the state. It’s an opportunity to bring programs back to your home parish and communities. Contact your parish 4-H agent about opportunities in Clover College.

2019 Clover College Ranking and Descriptions

Would you like to learn more about technology, sports broadcasting, career preparation, public speaking, Plant Science, Nutrition, or Fashion, then 4-H University contests is the place for you this summer. Over 40 contests are available for 4-H members to participate in during 4-H University week. All contest rules and eligibility are listed in this section, explore the rules and awards and call your parish 4-H agent to get involved. Your parish 4-H agent and volunteers will provide specific guidelines, training materials and opportunities in each contest. Each of the contests offers trips, prizes, or competition in national contests around the country.

2019 General Rules and Regulations

2019 Contest Summary

2019 4-H Has Talent

2019 Agricultural Demonstration

2019 ATV Safety

2019 Automotive Care

2019 Career Preparation

2019 Child Development

2019 Compact Tractor

2019 Computer Simulation

2019 Consumer Decision Making

2019 Consumer Foods Judging

2019 Dairy Judging

2019 Diesel Equipment Operations

2019 Dog and Cat Science

2019 Entomology Demo

2019 Environmental Conservation Ill Talk

2019 Fashion Casual and Creative

2019 Fashion_Ready to Wear

2019 FCS Demo

2019 Fishing Sports

2019 Forestry

2019 Horticulture General

2019 Horticulture Judging

2019 Horticulture Use

2019 Insect ID

2019 Livestock Judging

2019 Louisiana Agronomic Crop Illustrated Talk

2019 Louisiana Chef

2019 Meat ID

2019 Next Healthy Food Star

2019 Outdoor Skills Triathlon

2019 Personal Training

2019 Photography

2019 Plant Science

2019 Poultry Judging

2019 Public Speaking_Any Other Subject

2019 Public Speaking_Cooperatives

2019 Solutions Unlimited

2019 Sports Broadcasting

2019 Teens Driving Teens

2019 Tiger Tank Entrepreneurship Challenge

2019 Wildlife Habitat Judging

A variety of educational programs are offered for all participants in contests during 4-H University. These programs are offered while 4-H members are not participating in their contests. All of the programs are interactive, ranging from exercises in bioengineering to a tour of LSU. Contact your parish 4-H agent for more information on educational program opportunities for 4-H members.

2019 Educational Program Ranking and Descriptions

4-H University will be held June 18-20, 2019 on the campus of LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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