Records Judging

Louisiana 4-H Records Contest

This 4-H competition provides an opportunity for students to cultivate their record-keeping skills. The goal is for participants to engage and reflect on their 4-H involvement while sharpening their written communication and organization skills.

Using the Louisiana 4-H records portfolio document, members track year-round 4-H project progress, leadership experiences, community engagement, recognition, and involvement in non- 4-H projects and programs.

After recording progress, contest participants reflect on their 4-H experiences and assemble a 4-H Record Book. Each book consists of the Louisiana 4-H records portfolio, an annual 4-H story, photos, and supporting documents, and 4-H project records.

Contact your local 4-H Extension Agent for details about local competition opportunities, along with preparation tips for the statewide contest.

The Louisiana 4-H records portfolio and the project records sheet can be downloaded at the links below.

State contest participants compete for cash awards and various educational trips, such as the Louisiana educational trip, National 4-H Congress, and the Orlando leadership institute trip.

Member Portfolios (

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