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To increase agricultural awareness, use these videos and interactive activities with students in grades third-sixth. Lessons include team and individual activities which will use classroom strategies and involve youth in this fun and educational opportunity.


AgMagic Classroom AgVentures goes to the forest to learn about trees, which are Louisiana's No. 1 agricultural crop.


In this AgMagic Classroom AgVenture, you will learn about the wetlands and how they protect Louisiana's coastline.


AgMagic Classroom AgVentures journeys into the world of insects where you will learn about types of insects, parts of an insect and their life cycle.


AgMagic Classroom AgVentures journeys to the farm to learn about a crop that is grown all across Louisiana.

Livestock: Beef and Dairy Cattle

AgMagic Classroom AgVentures travels to the ranch and dairy farm to learn about different types of cows and products we get from them.

Technological Advances in Agriculture

AgMagic Classroom AgVentures is back on the farm to see how technology has advanced agriculture and learn about what tools farmers use today to help grow our food.


This AgMagic Classroom AgVentures focuses on MyPlate and ways you can eat more healthfully.

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AgMagic Classroom AgVentures travels to Caddo Parish to learn about cotton farming and the many products made from cotton plants.


AgMagic Classroom AgVentures travels to Shreveport to learn about hydroponics, the process of growing plants without soil.


AgMagic Classroom AgVentures travels to Winn Parish to learn about forestry, a top agricultural industry in Louisiana.

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