Agriculture Awareness and AgMagic

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Experience Louisiana agriculture at the LSU AgCenter's AgMagic!

AgMagic is going virtual with AgMagic Classroom AgVentures. This cyber journey will allow students to safely explore and learn about agriculture and the environment as well as the important role each plays in our daily lives without having to leave their classroom.

Lessons include videos and corresponding activities developed by 4-H and agricultural experts across the state. Lessons for Cenla, Baton Rouge and On the River are coming in Spring 2021.

AgMagic Classroom AgVentures

The LSU AgCenter typically host four locations of AgMagic throughout the state where students and children can explore and learn about agriculture, where food comes from, and the environment, as well as the important role that each plays in our daily lives. Below is information about each location.

AgMagic at the State Fair

Tentative Dates: Late October and Early November
Contact: Karen Martin, Regional 4-H Coordinator

AgMagic Cenla

Tentative Dates: Late November
Contact: Esther Boe, Regional 4-H Coordinator

AgMagic Baton Rouge

Tentative Dates: April
Contact: Dr. Janet Fox, 4-H Unit Leader

AgMagic on the River

Tentative Dates: May
Contact: Beth Gambel, Extension Agent

Agriculture Career and Field Days

Agriculture is a leading economic driver in Louisiana, forming the backbone of the economy in many regions across the state. Total gross farm-gate value for Louisiana agriculture was estimated at just over $6.5 billion in 2015, with value-added exceeding $12 billion. The centers of agriculture are primarily located in the northeastern, southwestern and south central regions of Louisiana, whereas, the southeast region is a hub for horticulture enterprises and the northwest region is a center for forestry and related enterprises. Agricultural producers, their families and everyone affiliated with agriculture understand the hard work, dedication and struggles involved in producing the commodities that sustain each of us and the way of life we have to come to know. LSU AgCenter research and extension programs continue to contribute to the sustainability of agricultural enterprises across the state.

The LSU AgCenter Northeast and Southwest regions have been conducting agricultural awareness educational programs through youth-targeted field days and career fairs. These career experiences allow youth to gain knowledge in what it takes to produce a safe and quality food as well as being able to explore the careers associated with agriculture and natural resources.

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