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Who We Are


Flavors of Health is a nutrition and health program with a community focus that provides classes and workshops on a variety of topics that empower individuals and families to make healthy food and fitness choices and to live healthful lives.

Flavors of Health is a dynamic Nutrition program utilizing the latest science and evidence-based practices to support and encourage healthy food and fitness choices among all Louisianians.

What We Do


Flavors of Health utilizes the latest science and evidence-based practices to merge Louisiana’s unique food traditions with nutrition and health challenges that face our communities. We provide virtual and on-site classes, presentations, workshops, and educational materials on a variety of topics to encourage healthier food and fitness behaviors. This includes cooking skills, grocery shopping strategies, small goal setting, healthy habit development, exercise and physical activity guidance, weight management, and diet-disease links.

Who We Serve


Flavors of Health has a presence in each of the five AgCenter regions, engaging with communities through a core group of nutrition agents. Our program primarily serves

Louisiana’s adults, promoting healthful diets and positive lifestyles to prevent or manage chronic disease and to improve quality of life. However, we also conduct programs for our youth, emphasizing cooking skills and preparation of healthful meals and snacks.

Signature Programs

Smart Portions125jpgA nine-week weight management program, developed by LSU AgCenter nutrition agents. Interactive sessions focus on achieving a healthy weight through healthful eating and physical activity. Topics include meal planning and preparation, strategies when dining out, and identifying fad diets.


A four-session program developed by LSU AgCenter nutrition specialists, to help Louisiana’s adults use small-goal-setting and habit-formation techniques to develop healthier food and physical activity routines. The hands-on program also includes knife skills for home food preparation, a grocery store/food selection tour, and how to create a healthy home food environment –practices that reduce chronic disease risk.

DWD1253jpgA program is designed for adults with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. It is conducted by LSU AgCenter nutrition agents in association with community partners throughout Louisiana. This five-session program shows participants how to manage or reduce development of diabetes through healthful meal planning and preparation. Lessons are supported by food demonstrations and class discussions.

Break up with Salt125jpg

A four-class series developed by LSU AgCenter Nutritionists, to help Louisiana’s adults manage or prevent hypertension. The program introduces the DASH diet as a healthy approach to eating. It focuses on food selection, low salt cooking skills, and incorporates related information and strategies to maintain a healthy blood pressure and reduce risk to cardiovascular diseases.

Flavors of Healthy has many different programs that are often changing. These programs include:

  • Single Session Presentations and Workshops
  • Cooking with Small Appliances
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • MyPlate & Dietary Guidelines
  • Heart Health
  • Weight Management
  • Chronic Disease Prevention Kid's Cooking
  • Being Physically Active
  • Fats/Sugar/Sodium
  • Shopping on a Budget
  • Food Safety
  • Whole Grains
  • Cooking/recipe demonstrations
  • Lunch and learn presentations
  • Farmer's Market Activities
  • Grocery Store Tours
  • …and more

Please check out our agents and presentations tab for schedules and more information about each specific presentation.

Agents and Presentations

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