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Madison Parish Health Stats

  • County Health Rankings indicates Madison Parish currently ranks 64 out of 64 Louisiana parishes based on Health Outcomes and 63 out of 64 based on Health Factors
  • 41% of Madison’s adult residents are obese
  • 39% of adults are physically inactive
  • 19% of parish residents have diabetes
  • 9% of the parish is uninsured
  • 26% of Madison’s residents report food insecurity, and 5% report limited access to healthy foods.
    • Food insecurity is defined as the lack of access to a reliable source of food during the past year
  • “About half of all American adults have one or more preventable, diet-related chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and overweight and obesity” (Dietary Guidelines for Americans)
  • Over 2/3 of American adults and almost 1/3 of American children and youths are overweight or obese (Dietary Guidelines for Americans)

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