One must adapt and overcome to survive. This is true for many things in life including farming which has never stopped evolving from simple beginnings in the Stoneage using hand tools to today's state-of-the-art equipment guided by satellites orbiting the earth. Farming has changed over the years and many Louisiana growers and producers know their trade well, the methods and strategies they employ on their farms are tried and true, but every so often many find themselves uncertain or even unprepared when it comes to the future.

The LSU AgCenter has developed a better-business training series aimed at helping farmers to adapt and overcome these uncertainties and prepare them for today's business environment with up-to-date marketing strategies for local farmers' markets, restaurants, schools and institutions, and even grocery, wholesale, and retail businesses. The MarketReady Training provides farmers with current information regarding insurance as well as packaging and labelling requirements but also food safety and product quality expectations of local buyers and so much more.

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