Adolescent Nutrition (Lesson 21)

Heli J. Roy, Mcghee, Bertina M.  |  3/4/2005 11:24:15 PM

The phrase you are what you eat is sometimes hard for teenagers to keep in mind. This is probably because adolescents (teenagers) in America are faced every day with so many choices that can affect their health in the present and in the future. Even though they are very body-conscious and seek independence, many teens live for the moment. The teen years are a time where the opinions of parents seem to become less important than the opinions of friends and other acquaintances. Teens often think of themselves as invincible. That is, they often do not pay much attention to how factors may be affecting them now or in years to come. Adults who work with teens or parents of teens can help relay a very important message to teens. The message is that lifestyle choices made now can easily become lifelong habits, resulting in a healthy lifestyle forever.EatSmart Lesson 21 - Adolescent Nutrition
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