Grow a Row to Share

About Grow a Row to Share

Grow a Row to Share is a program that connects home gardeners and local farmers with charitable food organizations like food pantries. The goal of the program is to get more fresh fruits and vegetables into the local food system and onto the plates of Louisiana residents, especially those who are experiencing hunger and food insecurity.

The program provides training and information on home gardening, food safety, and food handling procedures. After donors register and complete the training, they are matched with a charitable food partner in their area. There is no commitment on how much or how little participants must donate. Just share when you have extra and remember that every bit counts!

The pilot for this program launched in northeast Louisiana in March 2022. Grow a Row to Share officially launched statewide in March 2023. Spread the word by posting your produce donation and tagging us on Facebook or Twitter.

Why This Matters

Louisiana has some of the highest rates of both food insecurity and obesity in the country. More than 1 in 10 American households face food insecurity in a nation where up to 40% of the food supply goes to waste. Food pantries and other charitable food sites work to provide healthful foods to their clients, but fresh fruits and vegetables are often not available. In a state like Louisiana with some of the most avid home gardeners, Grow a Row to Share is a simple, common-sense solution to bridging the gap between those who grow food locally and those who need food locally.

How to Register

  1. Home gardeners, local farmers and charitable food sites can register at
  2. Complete the short training after registration to become a certified partner.
  3. Get matched and begin sharing your bounty with the community!

Click here to register for Grow a Row to Share!

Benefits of Growing a Row to Share

  • No commitment on how much or how little produce you donate.
  • Get tips and resources on how to grow your best garden.
  • Learn about food safety.
  • Receive a certificate for completing the training.
  • Reduce your food waste.
  • Feed your neighbors!


Program Guides

Below are our guides for charitable food partners and donors who participate in Grow a Row to Share. Guides include essential information like donation procedures, food safety FAQs, resources and contacts.

Grow a Row Guide for Charitable Food Partners

Grow a Row Guide for Gardeners and Farmers

Gardening Resources

Learn how to grow a flourishing garden using LSU AgCenter resources. Plan your planting dates using the Louisiana Vegetable Planting Guide, start growing leafy greens year-round or dive into home citrus production using the links below. Have a specific question? Contact your local horticulture agent using our "find your agent" tool.

Learn How to Plan a Flourishing Home Garden

Louisiana Vegetable Planting Guide

Sustainable Gardening Guides for 17 Fruits and Veggies

Year-Round Leafy Green Production

Louisiana Home Citrus Production Guide

Herb Gardening in Louisiana


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