Fire Protection Options

Claudette Reichel  |  6/24/2008 1:30:21 AM

Consider fire resistance of construction materials, especially roofing and cladding. UL Class A roofing materials are most fire-resistant. Fire-resistant wood panels are available for lining a fireplace and other applications. Choose noncombustible finish materials in the kitchen.

Smoke alarms should be a battery-powered, combination type to detect fires by either heat or smoke as soon as possible. Plan early for fire extinguisher mounting locations.

For a high level of protection, consider installing a lightning rod and grounding system and a residential water sprinkler system. A lightning rod is prudent when the home is in an open area.

Sprinkler systems using flexible PEX piping that is integrated with the home water supply plumbing are much less expensive than conventional sprinkler systems.

Many property insurers offer premium discounts for these features.

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