Good Indoor Air Quality

Control of Mold, Dust Mites, Other Biological Pollutants

__  Moisture control construction methods (see Durable section)

__  Air infiltration control (See Energy Efficiency section)

Ventilation and dehumidification:

__  Right-size air conditioner (Manual J calculation)

__   Controlled, filtered fresh air supply AND dehumidification to
      maintain RH < 60% and slight positive pressure via:

__   Dehumidifying whole-house supply ventilation system, OR

__  Fresh air inlet with flow controller to return plenum plus a separate
     dehumidifier, OR

__  Variable capacity air conditioner with fresh air duct and controller

__  Airtight duct system (sealed connections)

__  No attic power vent

__  50-75 cfm bathroom exhaust fans with timer or humidistat

__  100-400 cfm range/cooktop hood exhaust or balanced system with
     make-up air for larger units

__  Pleated HVAC filter ( 7-9 MERV rating)

For households with allergies, asthma:

__  Central vacuum system or HEPA portable vacuum

__  10-12 MERV HVAC filter

__  No carpeting in bedroom, family room

__  Dehumidifier capacity to keep RH below 50%

__  Entry designed for large outside doormats, washable rug inside

__  Planned outdoor space for pets

Control of Combustion Pollutants

__  Carport or detached garage

__  OR, attached garage well air-sealed from living space

__  No living space above garage

__  Garage attic isolated from home attic

__  No unvented combustion source

__  Carbon monoxide detector

Protection from back drafting:

__  Only direct vent, sealed combustion furnace, fireplace, water heater,
      if indoors

__  Bedroom return-air grilles or ducts

__  Dampered fresh air intake in laundry room (or window)

Control of Other Indoor Pollutants

__  Integrated pest management

__  Low VOC paints, stains, sealants, adhesives, cleaning products,

__  Low formaldehyde materials (or seal them)

__  Low emission labeled carpet, aired before installation

__  Finishes free of lead, arsenic, mercury, etc.

__  Modern mud room at family entry (shoe bins)

__  Radon home test

__  Soil gas prevention system

__  If hypersensitive, minimize PVC, electromagnetic field, dyes, etc.

Universal Design

Safe, functional throughout lifecycle; accommodates various ages, 
heights, needs, abilities and changes.

Visitability by Persons with Disabilities

__  A grade level or ramped entry path and doorway

__  No steps into visiting areas and one bathroom

__  Min. 32-in. wide doorways to visiting areas

__  One accessible bathroom (5-ft. turning circle at toilet and sink)

Universal Features

Throughout house:

__  No level changes on first story

__  Thresholds < 1/2 in. high

__  All doorways > 32 in. wide

__  Hallways, paths > 42 in. wide

__  Lower switches (38-48 in. from floor to operable part)

__  Higher outlets (18 in. from floor to plug holes)

__   Rocker switches or motion sensors

__  Lever door handles, U-shaped cabinet pulls

__  Single-lever faucet controls

__  Easy-to-reach A/C filter

__  Adjustable shelves, rods

__  Rounded counter and cabinet corners

__  Nonslip, nonglare, even flooring

__  Contrasting color and texture visual aids

__  Ample, variable light without glare, task lighting

__  Space planned for “just in case” elevator shaft, if two-story

Kitchen and Laundry - adaptable and convenient for various users:

__  Appliances placed for safety and universal access

__  Microwave at counter height (36 in.)

__  Front-loading clothes washer

__  Cooktop controls at side

__  42 in. pathway clearances

__  5 ft. clear turning circle at sink, range, refrigerator

__  Varied counter heights

__  Seated work space in kitchen (30-32 in. high)

__  No center stile on cabinets where knee space might be needed
     (sink, cooktop)

__  Some outlets, switches on sides of counters

__  Rollout shelves, baskets, drawers; easy storage access

One bedroom and bathroom more fully wheelchair accessible:

__  On ground floor

__  36-in. wide doorways, no thresholds

__  24-in. space on latch side of doors

__  Doors open outward

__  5-ft. turning circle clear floor spaces

__  Bedroom has door to outside

__  Low windows and mirrors (max. 40 in. above floor)

__  No deep pile carpet or slick, shiny flooring

__  Knee space under lavatory (not obstructed by cabinet or plumbing)

__  Reinforced walls at toilet, tub, shower for grab bars

__  Nonslip decorative grab bars

__  Higher toilet, accessible (not enclosed)

__  Easy-transfer shower, tub with seat or curbless shower

__  Single-lever bath valve, offset for easy reach

__  Higher cabinet toe space (9-in.)

__  Easily adaptable to changing needs

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