Checklist for Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Good Indoor Air Quality

Control of Mold, Dust Mites, Other Biological Pollutants

  • Moisture control construction methods (see Durable)
  • Air infiltration control (See Energy-efficiency)

Ventilation and dehumidification:

  • Right-sized air conditioner (Manual J calculation)
  • Controlled, filtered fresh air supply AND dehumidification to maintain RH < 60% and slight positive pressure via:
  • Dehumidifying whole house supply ventilation system, OR
  • Fresh air inlet with automatic flow controller to return plenum plus a separate dehumidifier, OR
  • Variable capacity air conditioner with fresh air duct and controller
  • Air tight duct system (sealed connections)
  • No attic power vent
  • 50-80 cfm bathroom exhaust fans with timer or humidistat control
  • 100-400 cfm cooktop hood exhaust to outside; hood covers all burners; make-up air for high cfm units
  • Pleated HVAC filter ( 8-10 MERV rating)

For households with allergies, asthma:

  • Central vacuum system or HEPA portable vacuum
  • 11-12 MERV HVAC filter
  • No carpeting in bedroom, family room
  • Dehumidifier capacity to keep RH below 50%
  • Entry designed for large doormats, washable rug
  • Planned outdoor space for pets

Control of Combustion Pollutants

  • Carport or detached garage
  • OR, attached garage air sealed from living space
  • No living space above garage
  • Garage attic isolated from home attic
  • No unvented combustion source
  • Carbon monoxide detector

Protection from backdrafting:

  • Only direct vent, sealed combustion furnace, fireplace, water heater, if indoors
  • Bedroom return-air grilles or ducts
  • Dampered fresh air intake in laundry room

Control of Other Indoor Pollutants

  • Integrated pest management
  • Low VOC paints, stains, sealants, adhesives, cleaning products, etc.
  • Low-formaldehyde materials (or seal them)
  • Low emission labeled carpet, aired before installation
  • Finishes free of lead arsenic, mercury, etc.
  • Modern mud room at family entry (shoe bins)
  • Radon home test
  • Soil gas prevention system
  • If hypersensitive, minimize PVC, electromagnetic field, dyes, etc.
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