Radiant Barriers

Radiant sheathing, foil faced OSB panels (Oxterminator), is installed on the west wall that will have a brick veneer. It provides an exterior vapor barrier, drainage plane and radiant barrier all in one.

Foil faced roof decking provides radiant barrier to reduce heat gain to the 2nd story vented attic.

Seams of foil-faced OSB sheathing are taped with foil tape to seal against water (for drainage plane) and air infiltration (exterior air barrier).

The shiny side of the radiant barrier roof decking faces down so it faces the vented air space. The foil is perforated to allow any moisture to escape.

A radiant barrier is a material that reduces radiant heat gain from sunshine or sun-heated materials that don't touch the radiant barrier. The use of such barriers can reduce need for air conditioning.

The most-effective radiant barriers are shiny foils. The shiny side does not have to face the heat source, but it must have an air space to work.
8/11/2005 9:56:56 PM
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