LaHouse is a new US DOE Building America Partner

Sandra Scallan, Reichel, Claudette Hanks  |  3/22/2005 2:07:25 AM

LaHouse will have the benefit and notoriety of being a Dept. of Energy Building America (BA) Partner, receiving free technical assistance from not just one, but two renowned BA teams.
Joe Lstiburek of Building Science Corporation (among the nation's leading building science, energy-efficiency and moisture dynamics experts) and Janet McIlvaine of the Florida Solar Energy Center (the primary research base for warm climate housing) are providing consultation, construction plan review and energy modeling.

Building Science Corporation provides building technology consultation for problems related to building design, construction, and operation. Based in Boston, it has numerous affiliates located throughout North America and is recognized internationally for being the foremost experts in moisture dynamics, indoor air quality and forensic investigations of building failure. Much like the goals of LaHouse, BSC promotes energy efficiency and environmental responsibility by using marketable and affordable building technology.

Dr. Lstiburek, a principal of Building Science Corporation, is a forensic engineer who investigates building failures. He is recognized internationally as an authority on moisture-related building problems and indoor air quality. He has conducted forensic investigations and served as an expert witness throughout the United States. Some of his areas of expertise are in rain penetration, air quality, vapor barriers and construction technology.

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