LaHouse Design is Taking Shape

Sandra Scallan, Reichel, Claudette Hanks  |  3/22/2005 2:28:53 AM

Following design discussions with technical experts and feedback from the extended House Design Advisory team, the original concept design was premiered at the 2001 Earth Day Festival, a fitting event for its debut. However, the new site offers a wonderful opportunity to nestle the house within a group of beautiful, shady live oak trees – so the house design is now being modified to fit the new site and its features.

An extensive and detailed building program has been developed as a guiding map to the floor plan and construction details. The house is to have three distinct segments, and each will use different building systems, foundation systems, products and technologies to demonstrate a range of ways to integrate and balance the five LaHouse criteria – resource-efficient, durable, healthy, practical and convenient.

The design team is guided by the Louisiana House design team leader, Dr. Claudette Reichel, Extension Housing specialist of the LSU AgCenter, and Remson-Haley Architects. Remson-Haley is an award-winning Baton Rouge firm specializing in housing. Both Trula and Chris Remson, the principal architects, as well as John Lackett (LSU and UC at Berkeley) and Samuel Herpin (ULL) pooled their talents to meet this unique challenge – as their pro bono contribution to the LaHouse vision.

Trula Remson of Remson-Haley, recognizes that the Louisiana House is an opportunity for her firm to learn about sustainable designs because it is not something taught in architecture school. This, in turn, can provide a benefit to the mass population of not only the Baton Rouge area but of Louisiana as a whole.

Remson noted that a study was performed in Austin where they discovered by having houses oriented properly with sun that energy costs could be drastically reduced, saving millions for communities.

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