Safer, Stronger, Smarter

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Build Safer Stronger Smarter

Build Safer, Stronger, Smarter, a campaign born out of the aftermath of Katrina and Rita, helps you build, restore or remodel your house to withstand hurricanes.

Build Safer, Stronger, Smarter
, while developed initially as a guide to reducing vulnerability to hurricanes in South Louisiana, can be adapted to any location by addressing hazards that are relevant to that location. It can be extended to include other highly desirable features of home design and construction, such as:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Termite resistance
  • Resistance to moisture, mold and decay

Due to hurricanes, termites and soaring energy prices, durability and energy are foremost in our minds. However, there is much more to consider when building The Ideal Home. Does it have the space you need for living, playing, working, growing? Is it functional and adaptable? Is it marketable? Does it provide a healthy indoor environment? And, are you comfortable in it?

When the next hurricane churns in the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana homeowners who build for maximum hurricane protection will rest easier under safer shelter. They also will spend less time recovering from the hurricane once it passes. They will likely have more money in their pockets because their smart construction avoided expensive damage. Smart building may even have resulted in insurance premium discounts.

As you build, restore or rebuild in South Louisiana, take the time to understand what is happening along the coast and what that means to you. Do it Right - Accept that hurricanes are a fact of life in South Louisiana; Get the Facts about the risks you face in your location; Make the Choice to build to reduce your vulnerability to these hazards.

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