Your Home and the Sun

Shandy Heil, Reichel, Claudette H.

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The home's orientation in relation to the sun can be a significant factor in energy-efficient design. If you are in the planning stages of home building and are not constrained by the dimension of the lot or development restrictions, try to orient your home so it captures the energy of the sun in winter and reflects or excludes energy from the sun in summer. You can couple this proper orientation with other design elements that let you ventilate your home in the "mild" seasons - capturing the cool, gentle breezes of spring and fall.

The beneficial effects of proper solar orientation and window placement can be enhanced by choosing building materials such as flooring, windows and roofing that absorb or reflect solar energy. Energy efficiency can be boosted also by using solar energy for heating and lighting, and converting it to electrical energy.

Landscape professionals can help you develop a plan for shading areas of the home that will be exposed to intense summer sun.

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1/9/2007 9:11:09 AM
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