Are You Ready for Rain?


In Louisiana, waters rise from rain and tidal surge. It can happen anytime, anywhere, to anybody.

  • Take steps to prevent damage.
  • Buy flood insurance -- for your home and contents.
  • Understand your risks and how floodplain regulations affect you.

Flood Insurance
If you live in Louisiana you should have flood insurance. Flood damage is not covered under your homeowner's insurance policy. Read about homeowner experiences and special flood insurance coverages.

Protecting New Buildings
New homes in floodprone areas are protected from flood damage by building them so the living space is above expected flood levels. Learn more about elevated foundations and development regulations.

Protecting Existing Homes
Floodproofing is like dressing for a rainy day. If you've got a problem with floodwater, there are six ways to reduce future damage. 

Understanding Risk
Louisiana floods - some places more than others. Find out how to estimate and manage your flood risk.

Are You Ready for Rain?
6/9/2005 2:10:12 AM
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