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Patricia Skinner  |  12/22/2008 10:55:00 AM

The rebuilding registry is a free service provided by the state to help you find and connect with a Louisiana-licensed contractor or rate a contractor so others can benefit from your experience. The registry is open to all and free for ALL users -- property owners looking for contractors and contractors offering their rebuilding services. No one pays to use the registry.

You MUST have a registry account to do anything in the registry.

Sign up using the Create an Account link at the bottom of this page. When you get to the Create Account page in the registry, do this:
  1. Enter your e-mail address -- twice. **
  2. Choose a password -- enter it twice.
  3. Select Consumer or Building Industry Professional.
  4. Enter your first and last names (if you chose Consumer) or your business name (if you chose Business Industry Professional).
  5. Click on the "Create Account" button.

The next screen tells you to expect an e-mail message containing a key. It asks you to retrieve that key (a string of characters) and enter it on the page. This step allows the registry manager to confirm that you receive the e-mail we send you at this address. You can skip this step and continue entering information. The registry will remind you to confirm your e-mail address each time you log in.

** To create a registry account without an e-mail address, remove the check mark from the box that says "Use my Email Address as my username." A new blank will appear on the form, where you can enter a username. If you don't provide an e-mail address to the registry, all your interaction will be through the Web page. If you do provide an e-mail address to the registry, you will receive notices when a contractor responds to your inquiry or we have information about the registry to send you. You can get an e-mail account free from Yahoo, Google or another provider.

Your next step will be to accept the Terms of Use. Then, fill out some basic information about yourself (or your company, if you're a contractor). The Registry Manager needs contact information for you. Consumer information is not shared with ANY other users -- ever! Contractor contact information can be sent to a consumer only by the contractor and only in response to consumer inquiry.

Consumers -- Enter information about your project(s) -- If you will be using the Registry to ask contractors about working for you on a project, please go to the Projects section. The project section has several tabs. You can use as much or as little as you like, but you must give your project a name.

Choose the type of project -- new construction or remodel. Provide details that would be of interest to a contractor -- such as size and foundation type -- on the "Details" tab. Your project information tells prospective contractors what your project is, even to the point of letting the contractor know where you are in the project (using the Progress tab).

Contractors -- Enter information about your business: Locations, areas you wish to serve and services you provide.

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