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Communicating with Property Owners
Types of Services and Service Areas
Accuracy, Honesty and Good Practice
Making the Registry Work for Everyone
Reporting Problems
Terms of Use

Building professionals are the backbone of the Louisiana redevelopment effort. Professionals who are currently licensed or registered by the State of Louisiana can join the Home Design and Construction Registry. In the first phase of the registry, property owners will search for building industry professionals based on information in the professional’s registry profile.

If you offer a service that would be useful to people building, remodeling or restoring their homes and you are licensed or registered to operate in Louisiana, you can create a listing for your service in the Home Design and Construction Registry. Some information in your profile will appear in the registry as a “business card,” which you can send to people with whom you’d like to work.

This Guide for Building Industry Professionals explains how we can work together to help the people of Louisiana restore or rebuild homes damaged in the 2005 hurricanes and ensure that – where housing is concerned -- we build a safer, stronger, smarter Louisiana. At the bottom of this page you'll find a link to “let yourself in” to the Home Design and Construction Registry as a provider of professional rebuilding services in Louisiana. Use that link to create an account or to log in to an existing account and update your profile.

If you haven't done so already, please read the About the Registry page. We encourage providers to read the Guide for Consumers, too, so you’ll know how they will be "shopping" for your services.

Communicating with Property Owners
Building professionals who have active, approved profiles in the registry will have their company name and parish shown to property owners who are a) seeking the services they offer and b) located in an area served by the registered professional.

Because the number of people needing professional services far exceeds the number of professional service providers, the registry does not give property owners immediate access to the provider's phone number and e-mail address. It will, however, make it easy for the professional service provider to send his or her contact information to the property owner.

In a search, all registered professionals who meet the consumer's needs and serve the consumer's parish will be selected from the registry and listed on the screen in random order. The company name and primary office location (parish) will be presented to consumer. Consumers will initiate communication with the professional service providers they choose from the list. This communication will go into the registry and be forwarded by the system to the professional’s e-mail account (if one is available). As a building professional who receives a consumer request for your services, you can choose to send your registry “business card” to the property owner (Yes, I'm interested), or you can decline the offer (No, I'm not interested). Once the “business card” is sent to the consumer, further communication takes place outside the registry.

Building professionals will receive an e-mail summary of their inquiries once a day. Inquiries will remain in the building professional's Registry account until deleted. However, if the professional has not responded within a week, the inquiry will become inactive in the consumer's log, and the consumer will be free to seek services from other building professionals. [Consumers are limited in the number of active inquires they have out at any one time.]

Building industry professionals can access their profiles in the registry at any time and see their pending inquiries. It is not necessary to wait for the e-mail notification. Professionals who want to stop receiving inquiries for any reason can make their profiles inactive by "unchecking" the box that says "Allow consumers to contact me regarding my services."

Types of Services and Service Areas
Many types of service are involved in the design and construction of a home. In addition to building and home improvement contractors, we need professionals for design, engineering, buying and selling real estate, financing, insurance, landscape, pest control and protecting homes from hurricanes.

Services in the registry relate to building or restoring a house or other structures on residential property, to lawn and landscape, or to protecting homes from flood, wind and water damage through actions taken on the homeowner’s property.

The registry will open with only commercial, residential, home improvement, plumbing, and mold remediation contractors in the directory. In the near future, the registry will expand to include additional professional services.

Building professionals select the services they provide but can select only those services for which they have the appropriate Louisiana license or registration. In addition, providers are asked to choose as their “service areas” five parishes in which they would most like to work. Companies with offices in more than one parish are allowed to choose a five-parish work area for each parish in which they have an office. Other methods of indicating service areas may be developed. Parishes served do not have to be contiguous.

Accuracy, Honesty and Good Practice
The registry manager will verify state license and state registration information entered by service providers. Beyond that, providers are responsible for the accuracy of their information and will have password-protected access to their information for keeping it up to date. Registered professionals will be notified if the registry manager edits information in the professional's profile.

The registry is not set up to record or verify local licenses and licensing requirements. Professionals are strongly encouraged to make themselves aware of local licensing requirements for the areas they servce and to refrain from accepting jobs in areas where they do not meet local licensing requirements.

Making the Registry Work for Everyone
The registry will grow and be a valuable resource if consumers and building industry professionals have similar understandings of its purpose, and if they have generally positive experiences with it. We appeal to all to use the registry for its intended purpose and to respect the limits established by the registry managers.

Please communicate to the registry manager any irritations you experience with the system or abuses of the system by others, especially those that would dissuade you from listing your services.

Reporting problems
Please use the comments form to report problems. There is a “Comments” link on each page of the registry. We welcome your suggestions for improving the registry function. In particular, we need to know if the input forms provide enough information to allow you to complete the forms successfully and manage them to your satisfaction.

Information provided and linked from this site is for information-sharing purposes only. Neither the LSU AgCenter nor any agency, officer or employee warrants the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information contained herein or linked hereto.

The LSU AgCenter does not endorse any services listed or linked on this site. The LSU AgCenter shall have no liability for any direct, indirect or consequential damages related to the use and/or extraction of the information contained herein.

Terms of Use
Building industry professionals are required to agree to the Terms of Use of this Web site prior to submitting information to the registry. The "I Agree" will be encountered upon your first login to the registry as a new provider of professional services. The "Terms of Use" document is written in the precise, legal language that can protect both the registry owner and registry users from misunderstandings and abuses of the service and Web site. The "Terms of Use" document accessed through this link is the same "Terms of Use" document that is presented for your agreement during the login process.

Thank you for participating in the Home Design and Construction Registry.

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Terms of Use

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