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Patricia Skinner  |  12/22/2008 10:23:56 AM

The registry allows you to contact a contractor and ask if the contractor is interested in a project you're trying to do -- build a home, remodel or restore a home, or change out a major system, such as the electrical or plumbing system. You can find a contractor by searching for either the contractor's name (if you know it) or the services you need the contractor to provide.

When you contact a contractor about working on your project, you'll need to give the contractor a description of the project you need help with.

The search and project-listing features are described in greater detail below.

Find a Contractor using the Registry

Two Ways to Search

Searching by Name 
Search by Name works best if you know the name of the company -- as you would if you were rating a contractor who had worked for you. It also works well for communicating with a contractor whom a friend has recommended.  The "Search by Name" function looks for a combination of letters within the company name -- so "Vance" would find both "Vance Construction" or "Advanced Technologies." The search is not case-sensitive; "Vance" and "vance" produce the same search results.

Searching by Services
Search by Services helps you find a contractor who does the type of work you need to have done and works in the parish where your project is located. After indicating the parish (on the search screen), you select services you need. Do you need a contractor to build your new home?  A contractor to oversee a complete, significant remodeling job? Or just a contractor to do a specific task, such as electrical work or putting in flooring? There are quite a few ways to limit the search by specifying detailed tasks, but you can search for general categories of service.

Searching for members of the Louisiana Home Builders Association
Whether you search by name or by services, you can ask to see only those contractors who are members of the Louisiana Home Builders Association. Be aware, however, that some LHBA members may not have indicated their LHBA membership in the registry at this time.

Contacting the Contractor

The list of contractors you get when searching the registry allows you to see what licenses a contractor holds and where a contractor chooses to work (which parishes). It also allows you to do three things:
  1. Bookmark contractors so you can find them again easily
  2. Rate contractors based on your experience working with them
  3. Contact the selected contractor anonymously through the registry and ask if the contractor is interested

Before you contact a contractor, you need to create a project listing in the registry (see Creating your Project Listing, below). Contractors respond within the registry, indicating whether or not they are interested in discussing your project futher. At that time, the "interested" contractor invites you to get in touch outside the registry and provides appropriate contact information.

You are welcome to experiment with the registry -- create an account and a project listing, search for contractors. If you want to test the "Contact" function and see how the messages flow through the system, search for "Drinkmore" and send an inquiry to Drinkmore Water Associates.

The registry is set up to facilitate direct communication and monitor success in connecting homeowners with contractors. You are not required to use the contact function. When you have found a contractor by searching the registry, you will have the contractor's name. At that point you can leave the registry and use another method of direct contact, if that is easier for you.

Creating your project listing

If you're going to ask for help with a project, it makes sense to tell the contractor something about the project -- new or remodel? How big? What condition? etc. You do this by creating a project listing in the registry. As with the Search for Services, the project listing has lots of opportunity for details.  Put as much or as little information as you feel comfortable providing -- or as much as you know. You can always go back and update the project information as you learn more and make progress with the project.

You must have a registry account to find and contact a contractor using the registry.

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