Information Needed to Get a Building Permit

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You will need to provide the following basic information for the property where the construction will take place:

  • Street Address
  • Lot/tract number
  • Subdivision name
  • Estimate of construction cost
  • Number of square feet of new construction.

Permit applications will usually need, at a minimum, three more items of information:

  • Flood zone determination: This is a determination of whether the property in a Special Flood Hazard Area (commonly called “the flood zone”). Flood zone determination service may be offered by the local government permit office. If the property is in – or near – a flood zone, the permit office will require that you get a preliminary elevation certificate confirming the zone determination and establishing a required elevation for the lowest floor of the home.

  • House plan drawings: The amount of detail required for these drawing differs from one jurisdiction to the next. They may be simple sketches, where a quarter inch equals a foot, or multi-page sets of detailed drawings. House plan drawings requirements are provided in greater detail on the House Plan Requirements page. If the property is in a velocity flood zone, you will need an engineered foundation plan. If you are in a high-wind zone, your design and plan requirements will be more stringent.

  • Damage inspection rating: If you are seeking a permit to restore a damaged home, the extent of damage is important. If the cost to restore the home to pre-damaged condition is close to 50% of the home’s value before the damage occurred, an official estimate of the extent of damage is needed. When the damage rating equals or exceeds 50% of market value, the project must comply with flood-damage prevention ordinances, and some additional code compliance may be required.

Most people build in areas where they have publicly provided sewer service. If you are not in one of those areas, you will need another permit:

  • On-site Waste-water Treatment Permit

Each of these permit requirements is explained in greater detail on the Detailed Explanation of Permit Requirements page.

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