Raised Floors with a Touch of Green 2010

Patricia Skinner  |  11/8/2010 12:14:43 AM

CEU Training for Builders and Code Officials

  • December 2, 2010   (Classes will be offered also in 2011)

BREAKING IN to new methods or markets is such a challenge. Consumers are more energy conscious. Building codes are more demanding. The learning curve is steep and the first-time do-overs can be very costly.

NOW - for just a few months - you can benefit from a builder's early experiences with:

  • raised floor construction
  • green building techniques
  • energy efficiency building codes                           

Enrollment limited to 15

Workshops at Going Up Going Green can be customized for designers, engineers, architects, realtors and others. Contact Vernon at SFPA for more program and registration information.   
vbarabino@sfpa.org  or by phone: 504-443-4464 ext 224

Let’s learn what we can from these homes before they’re closed up this spring and sold to three lucky families.

Register with Southern Forest Products Association
FAX: 504-443-6612 or  vbarabino@sfpa.org 
By phone: 504-443-4464 ext 224

Homes made available by
Wooden Creations Homes, Inc.

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