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Denise Attaway  |  2/23/2009 6:05:37 AM

The LSU AgCenter rebuilding group developed a wide array of educational programs related to construction and natural hazard awareness during the recovery years following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Recovery from the 2011 Mississippi and Atchafalaya river floods may involve many of the same rebuilding issues.

Most programs can be adjusted to be shorter or longer, and can be combined to create a longer event.

Construction-related programs

  • Make your House Stronger - Hurricane Clips and Framing Upgrades
  • Hurricane Resistant Home Improvement - Stengthening the Roof during Repairs
  • Hurricane Resistant Roofing
  • Window and Door Protection
  • Elevating an Existing Home (techniques and decision factors)  
  • Choosing insulation - moisture management
  • Controlling Humidity and Related Problems in Air-Conditioned Homes
  • Practical and Attainable Green Enhancements
  • Building with Recycled Materials
  • Protecting Homes from Shallow Flooding
  • Building on Raised-Floor Foundations
  • The NFIP and Floodproofing Historic Buildings
  • Residential Construction Issues in New Orleans (soils and foundations)
  • Sequencing and Scheduling - Managing a Construction Project
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Avoiding problems with Lead (renovating older homes)

Construction demonstrations

  • Installing Windows and/or Doors to Keep the Water Out
  • Dry and Durable Walls - Installing housewrap, flashing, sealants and water barriers
  • Repairing wood windows
  • Insulation, Air Sealing and Radiant Barriers - Saving Energy
  • Hurricane Resistant Roof Construction

Hurricane-flood-surge awareness programs

  • Storm Surge Basics and Visualizing Risks (usually can be localized)

Programs on managing stress and finances in tough times are also available. Contact your local office of the LSU AgCenter Extension Service or email us at to inquire about a program for your community.

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