Do-it-yourself Hurricane-resistant Home Improvement Seminars

Patricia Skinner  |  10/8/2007 11:41:21 PM

The LSU AgCenter is offering hurricane-resistant home improvement seminars for anyone who wishes to build or rebuild their houses to make the structures strong enough to stand up against hurricanes.

Topics covered at the seminars include information useful for homeowners remodeling or rebuilding after hurricanes Katrina and Rita, as well as homeowners who just want to strengthen their homes. Attendees will learn what to do to keep their roofs intact during high winds and how to suffer less structural damage in future floods, as well as reduce damage from wind-driven rain. Topics include:

  • Adding strength and rain resistance when you’re repairing the roof
  • Adding strength and flood and rain resistance when you have walls open after a flood
  • Making an addition more hurricane resistant
  • What you can do when you just want to make your home more resistant to storm damage

"We have designed a program to help homeowners learn how to incorporate flood-, wind- and rain-resistance features into their homes as they re-roof, restore walls or do other remodeling,” said Pat Skinner, head of the LSU AgCenter’s Disaster Recovery and Mitigation team. “We encourage homeowners to take advantage of this opportunity and learn how to build safer, stronger and smarter.”

The seminars are taught by teams of LSU AgCenter extension educators. The specific content and length of program can be adjusted to meet the needs of your group. Click here for a preview video of the type of material and presentation style.

Anyone interested in scheduling a seminar in their area should contact Pat Skinner at or your parish office of the LSU AgCenter - Cooperative Extension Service. 

More information on the “Build Safer, Stronger, Smarter” initiative is available on the LSU AgCenter’s Rebuilding web site at

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